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The answer to the above question is... you'll just know. But you can't just know until you've known at least once. Watch the video and then read this week's Reflection below.





This Week's Reflection


For all the science in the world, for all the confirmation that comes from cognitive psychology and neuroscience, for all the amazing insights that quantum physics provides with regard to who we really are and our place in the interactive universe, it's all only science, evidence and concept... until you actually exprience your self.

To quote a client: "When we met first and talked it through, I fully understood the science, fully got the core concepts, fully embraced the practice. And, then, whilst practicing, I felt it. Now I know". There's a world of difference between understanding and knowing.

We know when we feel it, when we experience who we actually really are. I can't describe it to you, it would be my own personal unique description, not your's. But I can tell you how and when it will happen you, if it has not already...

Through awareness we become self-aware. Through self-awareness, we encounter our selves, stripped naked of thought. The experience is both humbling and extraordinary. To meet your self is life changing. And, once you've experienced it once, you just know.

You know the difference between what feels right (or wrong) and what you think you're feeling. You know that you can trust yourself, you know that you can just let go.

If you've been following me - every Thursday, on Facebook Live, by listening to my weekly podcsat or in my Facebook Group, To Succeed... Just Let Go, you know how to develop your awareness and self-awareness. Let me go back to relying on science for a moment on this because, we know for a scientific fact, with decades of confirmation under our belts, that the one sure-fire way of opening yourself up to your self is meditation. It will change everything.




This Week's Quick Tip


Do not let your thoughts tie you knots. Certain situations will trigger long-engrained reactions. When you feel that your finger is itching to pull the trigger, take yourself back into the moment.

Instead, pause, mini-meditate (you can make the exercises up yourself or use my App), ground yourself in the thought-free realiity of the here and now.




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