Coaching Videos & Tips - February 10 2022 No. 743




Being present and clear minded means that, in the moment, as you do what you're supposed to be doing, you don't have a care in the world. Today's video gives us a real-world practical take on the benefits of being in that zone.





This Week's Reflection


If you haven't already done so, watch today's video above. It seems that, when we just let ourselves "rip", "throw caution to the wind" and stop trying that things work better. Neuroscience would confirm that, in actual scientific fact, things work effortlessly.

I love that word effortlessly - been using it since the 1990s. It's how we do what we're doing when we're in Flow. More than that, we end up doing stuff we think we couldn't do when we're in that state of mind. And, again, we do it effortlessly.

We start doing stuff, acting in the right way at just the right (perfect) moment, simply say the right thing at the propitious moment, doing what our thinking minds have always stopped us from doing... and it all seems to "just happen".

Yes, that's a phrase that I constantly hear from my clients and Program Owners. Of course, nothing just happens... it just feels that way when we're in that effortless Flow. Other phrases I hear as a result? "I surprise myself" or "I amaze myself" or "I super-suprise myself".

Why? Because I'm just doing what I'm doing without a care in the world, I don't give a proverbial damn! Suddenly, there is no normal-crazy comfort zone from which I must emerge - I'm liberated to do and say the right things in the right way at the right time... a theme on which I seriously elaborate towards the end of this week's podcast episode (treat yourself to 27.5mins of easy listening!).

The most compelling thing of all, of course, is that you and I can effortlessly shift mental gears into that Flow and effortlessly flow through our day as a result. Just do it!




This Week's Quick Tip


Treat yourself - give yourself a little break from what you're doing. If you've been sitting for a while, get up and walk around, feel your feet caressing the floor. If you've been working at something physical for a while, take a breather, step back and feel what it's like to take a few nice lung-fulls of air. Ane enjoy.

Regardless of what you're doing or how hard you think it is, take a moment to enjoy the actual fact that you're alive and kicking, breathing and being. Enjoy the simple joy of that.




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