Coaching Videos & Tips - February 3 2022 No. 742




Presence of mind must translate into tangible results. Otherwise, what's the point? Today we explore the why of turning up.





This Week's Reflection


As you'll see above, I make the point that presence of mind must deliver tangible results - sort of obvious when you reflect on it. That is why we need to know why we are present - presence on its own is not entirely enough.

I use the word "entirely" as a very important cavaet - because, for starters, pure presence on its own will, of itself, actually deliver some really important results, without you ever having to set your mind to achieve your goals and objectives.


I explore these key, really important, results in this week's podcast. As surely as night follows day, pure presence of mind will transform your physical wellbeing - starting (obviously) with your neural wellbeing but, as confirmed again and again by science, this pure presence impacts every single cell in every part of your body. Healthy mind, healthy body.

So, it's not entirely true to say that pure presence delivers nothing other than peace of mind. When we are at ease in our minds, our bodies are no longer susceptibel to disease. Indeed, peace of mind has a proven curative impact on the body (listen to the last few minutes of this week's podcast for a blow-by-blow account of what those proven physical are.

All that said, we are talking about living your life to the full - in every single aspect of it. For starters, you can't live life to the full if you don't have your health. And, whilst many people are hung up (literally hanging themselves!) on the idea of financial health, your physical health is your real wealth.

Beyond the basics of properly looking after yourself - yes, they are the basics - comes the opportunity to start doing what you love, fully enjoying your life moment-to-moment, enjoying the proper company of loved ones and having the proverbial life you'd love to live.

This "life you'd love to live" is the essence of why - the purpose of you turning up to your life in the here and now, in each and every here and now.




This Week's Quick Tip


Do you know why you're here? I mean right now! Do you know what you want out of the moment? Are you clear enough in your own mind to even understand the question, never mind answer it?!

Take a couple of minutes to chill. A few minutes "me time". You deserve it. After all, you are the most important person in your life. Let yourself go. Appreciate the air you're breathing. Realise that, right now, you're here to live, not to think.




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