Coaching Videos & Tips - January 27 2022 No. 741




Like everything else in life, when it comes to making the most important choice in your life, what you've put in, you'll get out. Today, if you need to, you must recommit to the necessary training!





This Week's Reflection


Seven minutes will change your life. Seven minutes formal, sit-down meditation each morning is all it takes to slip your state of mind effortlessly into gear for the day ahead. Note... for the day ahead. You have to start the day in the right state of mind because, if you don't, you've no chance of pulling yourself back to sanity once the day has got going.

It is not an exaggeration to say that we are surrounded by swirling insanity - the scientific evidence is more than compelling - well over 90% of people are not in control of their own state of mind, a sure and certain definition of insanity if ever there were one.

In other words, in the first place, for the sake of our own sanity, we need to start the day having deliberately invested those seven minutes in our own wellbeing. At its most fundamental level, as many clients tell me, they meditate because they know what kind of day they'd have if they didn't!

But we want to take our lives above that fundamental level. In my case, I meditate because I know what kind of day I'll have because I have! In other words, we can cope or we can soar.

Of course, we need to cope first - surrounded by insanity there's plenty of opportunity for coping avaiable!! But the real "prize" is what happens, what we experience, when we begin to soar. It doesn't mean that we won't crash back down to earth again - now and again - but, once we experience a little soaring, we begin to experience (rather than simply understand) the inner power we have to change the very experience of living, moment-to-moment.

Armed with that transformative power and understanding, we might also have just a little influence on the insanity around us.




This Week's Quick Tip


If you haven't meditated today - say you just plain forgot! - never mind. Don't berate yourself, don't get annoyed or frustrated - these are the thoughts from which we wish to distance ourselves. Instead, accept, it is what it is. You can always, at least, call yourself to attention and choose to be present now.

What matters, what always matters, is that, regardless of whether we've fully stuck to the process, we remember to choose to be present and, get back on the horse, so to speak.

If you find yourself in that boat right now, take two minutes to mini-meditate.



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Normal @%!*#y People!


A gentleman walks into a Post Office and says he's there to collect this month's pension on behalf of his uncle. The clerk tells him the pensioner must collect his pension in person and the gentleman leaves.

Twenty minutes later, the gentleman returns, with his uncle and a friend. Both the clerk and another customer notice that the elderly pensioner isn't looking all that perky... they noticed he was being - and I quote - being "propped up".

The pensioner had passed away. The two guys had carried his body into the Post Office simply to claim his pension. When they realised that they'd been rumbled, they ran out, leaving the poor pensioner behind.

Like a scene from Fawlty Towers - a bizarre comedy that, ultimately, we cannot laugh at. The things normal crazy people will do for money!





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