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Time to reflect on how your Conceptual Self might just be playing tricks with you. Today's Video explains a little more.





This Week's Reflection


There's a line in The Lord of the Rings where Gollum says (to himself) - and I quote - that "Master is tricksie"! Of course, it isn't Master that's tricksie - Gollum was talking (as we all do) to himself.

When we talk to ourselves, who's doing the talking and listening? How many of you are there?

The answer of course is... there are two of you. The one normally doing the listening is real, the one that's normally mouthing off is not! And, yet, this unreal version of you is - and has been all your normal adult life - been playing tricks on you. And he/she thinks that they're your Master... Master is tricksie indeed!

The biggest trick of all could be described as a confidence trick - or a con for short. We're conned into the apparent belief that we are somehow less than we really are - a perception that is the very essence of the perceived lack of self-confidence that we talk of in today's video.

So, if you ever feel - because it is a real feeling often felt in the pit of the stomach - any inklings of self-doubt (we'll talk about self-delusion some other time), then you know it is not real.

Why would you feel this in the pit of your stomach? Because it's one of the body's key energy centres and, as a result of the thoughts you're harbouring, your energy is blocked. You know how to let your energy flow... don't you?




This Week's Quick Tip


Today's Reflection ends with a question. And the answer is... yes, you do know how to let your energy flow, flow freely, flow effortlessly. You do it when you meditate, you do it when you mini-meditate, it simply and effortlessly happens when you're immersed in what you're doing. And, of course, meditation (large and mini!) immerses you in the reality of the moment.

You know what today's Quick Tip is!




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