Coaching Videos & Tips - January 13 2022 No. 739




In today's video I do my very best to be very clear about the one - and only one - choice that you and I need toget right. A couple of minutes and you will be very clear indeed!





This Week's Reflection


Let me explain! Because, when I say in today's video that there's only one choice we need to get right and that, when we do get it right, all the other choices we need to make are "looked after", what do I actually mean?

Say you need to state your case with you boss, your partner, you everyday normal crazy person. Say you need to mark your territory or ensure that the other party fully gets the message. This simple example is an everyday example over which far too many agonise... should I say this, what it I say that, what if he says this, what if she says that... how will I know what to say?

The answer is simple. If you get the one and only choice (the one that we all need to get right) right, then you've no other choices or decisions to make, no other problems to solve, nothing else over which to agonise - because when you choose to be present, your clear and present mind does the rest. That's simply a statement of fact.

The doing mind is designed to do (or sa) the right thing in the right way at the right time to ensure that you move ever forward in the direction that you want your life to go. It does this on its own, effortlessly - as long as you get out of its way by... turning up to the here and now.

The doing mind has always - all the way back to when we were hunter-gatherers - operated in this fashion. When placed in a life-threatening situation, the thinking mind disengaged, allowing the doing mind to do its thing.

You now have a choice: do you want to get your thinking mind out of the way or do you want to stay normal crazy?

Tough choice... difficult decision!!




This Week's Quick Tip


When you find yourself "losing it" today, take a few nice long slow deep breaths and feel the air in your nostrils, your throat, you lungs. Feel how that effects your shoulders, chest and stomach. Just stick with it for a few deep breaths.

There... you've brought yourself back to the reality of the moment, you've succeeded in making the right choice that we talk about in today's video.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


Unfortunately, this week's Normal Crazy People story implicates far too many people.

I was recently asked if I'd ever heard of The Law of Attraction and that, if you pasted a cheque to yourself for USD3m on your refrigerator, a cheque for just that amount would magically fall through your letterbox in next to no time!

In the same breath, I was asked if I'd ever heard of visualisation - all you have to do is see yourself having achieved something and it would magically happen.

Unfortunately, The Law of Attraction is (and has been for quite some time) an international bestseller and, unfortunately, far too many people believe that all you have to do is imagine yourself being successful and, as sure as night follows day, success will just happen. The key belief is that all you have to do is imagine - you don't have to do anything else.

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