Coaching Videos & Tips - December 30 2021 No. 737




We're talking excitement in today's video. More importantly, we're talking about how you are in charge of your own excitement and, as such, how every day can be an exciting day.





This Week's Reflection


It's an exciting time to be alive. I mean... the here and now. If you're not excited about the fact that you're alive right here and now, you're normal. And we know what that means.

And if being excited about the fact that you're alive and kicking right now doesn't float your boat, how about getting excited about the (scientific) fact that you're creating and recreating your life right here and now. 'Cos that really and truly is exciting.

These facts of life: that life takes place - and can only take place - in the here and now, when allied to our innate ability to create the life we really, really want (come what may), is certainly a cause for celebration.

If you think all this is wishful thinking, positive thinking (too much thinking!) or unrealistic, that's just you thinking like a normal dead (or as good as dead) person. You need to drop that way of thinking - your life depends upon it.

How do you drop that way of thinking? Come to your senses, you have five of them, deliberately choose, right now in this moment, as you read this, to pay attention to one or more of them. Let's make things easy on you... do what I'm suggesting in today's Quick Tip.

If your life is what you make it - and it actually is - isn't it about time you started making it great?




This Week's Quick Tip


As it says in this week's Reflection, let's make things really simple for ourselves today.

You have five senses. Spend a few minutes paying attention to just one of them. You could listen to music and allow yourself to be immersed in it.

You could take a few nice relaxing full deep breaths and just feel how that feels.

You could stick your nose into the closest smelly thing available to you... and really and truly smell it.

You could take a few minutes to sit outside, watch and see what's before your very eyes.

And, when next you put a little food in your mouth, chew it slowly, chew it slowly again, notice the textures and tastes.

The key to starting to drop the way of thinking that holds us back is to starve our thoughts of our own attention be immersing ourselves in the experience of what we're sensing.




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