Coaching Videos & Tips - December 16 2021 No. 735




It is the nature of things - all animate things - to strive for "improvement". So, how does that square with what we've been talking about? Does enough preclude more?





This Week's Reflection


It's in our very nature to want to "improve" - it's in everything in nature. However, this in-built natural drive for betterment is not to be confused with the trumped up idea that we need to better ourselves. As I've said many times, we are perfect as we are - not who we think we are but who we actually are.

That said, in a world largely populated by dead people - certainly dead from the neck up anyway - we do have another issue: the constant perceived want and need to have more. As today's video explores, being enough, having enough does not preclude more.

Let me put it another way: there's a difference between the innate drive for betterment and the normal crazy craving to constantly want more and evaluate ourselves against those who we think have more or are better than us. It's the craving that I'm talking about.

You might not look on it as craving. Indeed, you might look on it simply as normal. But that's the rub. It's so normal that we don't notice how corrosive or addictive this craving is.

We need to drop all this want and need - we need to just let go and be - be happy, content and at peace in the knowledge that this is it, right here right now, that we're alive and kicking right here, right now. And, even if we're confronted by some seemingly insurmountable challenge right now, like everything in life, it will pass. And it will pass all the more effortlessly if I simply do what I need to do without the craven want for more.




This Week's Quick Tip


Take a moment to note your state of mind, how you feel right now. Any tension? Even a little tension in some body parts?! Any lingering sense of anxiety or frustration or... whatever you're having yourself?

Take a couple of breaths - let everything sag a little. Loosen up, roll your shoulders. Live a little... or a lot.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


Do you remember Ladder Man - the neighbour who, having placed a ladder against his gutter on a Tuesday, climbed it in flip-flops four days later? On the other hand, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Man might jog your memory... remember the video where, by the end of it, I was shouting to be heard?

Well, now we can take him with a pinch of salt!!

We had half a metre of snow last Friday and it never occurred to Ladder Man that he would need to sweep his hilly driveway before attempting to drive out onto the road. So, we were entertained for 90mins (it would have only taken him 20mins to sweep the snow!!)

The car slid in all directions - mainly backwards! His brother tried towing him out and got stuck himself. The two of them put planks of wood under the wheels to no avail - it still hadn't occurred to either of them to lift a shovel and dig a little. Then... out came a packet of table salt and a teaspoon... seriously - on half a metre of snow?!!

The entertainment ended when, having slid all the way back down the hill, he took a slithering sliding run at the hill and made it onto the road!!





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