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We all have them. And, even though we sometimes mightn't even remember that we possess them, they can be exatrordinarily powerful... time to watch today's video!





This Week's Reflection


Between today's video and Quick Tip and my use of the word "positive", you could be forgiven for thinking that I'm talking about so-called "positive thinking". I'm not, I'm talking about feeling and experience - world's removed from normal crazy thinking.

And, yes, I know, normal crazy thinking is, sadly, normally negative - we're wired that way. So, again, you couold be forgiven for thinking that a positive thought can, at the very least, cancel out a negative one. And perhaps it can for a moment or two but - and this is a very important but - it's still just thinking. It encourages your thinking mind to further captivate your attention. On the basis that the normal mind has, for the whole of the normal adult life, been held hostage by normal thinking, you don't want to give your thinking mind any encouragement whatsoever.

Once you do, one thought leads to another, your dragged helplessly onto a train of thought that always - always - results in the same repetitive train-wreck. Why, because your automatic pilot is at the wheel!!

As I said and as I've suggested in today's Quick Tip, I'm asking you to reflect on experiences and feelings. Don't even think about them, just recollect them. Remind yourself that you have had, at some point in the your life, the kind of moments that you would love to have fill your life.




This Week's Quick Tip


What does peace of mind feel like for you? You might say you never experienced but everyone, even if only for a fleeting few moments knows what it's like to experience the natural high that brings with it a "not-a-care-in-the-world" feeling. So, even if it was for only a fleeting moment, it is, for you, a personal positive mental resource.

What does happiness feel like for you? Much the same comments as above apply!!

Today, simply allow yourself have the luxury of a few moments of reflection on the foregoin.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


Normal crazy people make up stories to make themselves feel better, to paper over the cracks. The big problem is that, the more lies you tell yourself, the more you end up believing them.

Many years ago we bailed out a friend who found himself in financial difficulties. We subsequently discovered that he had, at first, tried to mitigate those difficulties by stealing from his employer. He admitted at the time that he was lucky to escape a custodial sentence on a technicality.

Like most normal crazies, he learned nothing. A couple of years later he did exactly the same thing and, again, managed to benefit from the same technicality!

He moved abroad and, a few years larer, returned a changed man - at least, a changed man in his own head. He had never worked for the employers from whom he stolen. He had told himself that he was an English Professor. He had, apparently, also told an academic institution and they believed him!

Most distressing of all, he actually, wholeheartedly, believed himself!





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