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Wanting more is like a worm in your brain - or, at least, you think it is! What about having enough, being enough, living enough? This week's video is worth a watch...





This Week's Reflection


I've said above that wanting more is like a psychological parasite in your brain - or, as I said, at least you think it is! Even worse, wanting to be more gets into the very bones of our being.

Perhaps the desire to be more has been exacerbated by the modern parasitic variant of comparative thinking borne out of the consumer age - we want to look better, dress better, feel better about ourselves and we always want... better. Sadly, this exposes an underlying malaise - wanting to be better suggests that we don't feel that we're good enough.

Let's set the record straight on this. Or, rather, let me quote directly from a client who I met first in June of this year. A couple of weeks ago, she announced to me "I am enough". In the interim, she had discovered who she really is. Modern science tells us that you and I are an integral part of our universe - without us it wouldn't exist. We play a role in creating and recreating the reality of our world moment-to-moment... or, if we don't understand who we are, as normal crazy people we play a passive role in continually creating a divisive version of "reality" that fosters the perceived desire for more: more for me, less for you.

As always, you know that you have a choice to make - which side of history do you want to be on, starting with your own personal history? Do you want to wallow in the craving or more or do you want to let who you really are surface so that they can start playing an active role in your life and the lives of those around you?




This Week's Quick Tip


No doubt, at some point today, you'll make yourself a tea or coffee or have a water or fruit juice. No doubt, on a number of occasions today, you'll need to take a bathroom break.

Use these breaks in the pattern of your day to slow down, to settle yourself, to allow yourself a moment's respite from the frenzy of today's cut and thrust - even if that frenzy is only coming from within your own thinking mind or, perhaps, particularly if that is so.

Give yourself a little space to discover your self.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


In a few weeks' time, all our family will be home from Paris - the last time our son was here was early June. Then, as always, he met up with the gang of friends who knew from growing up in the mountains.

One of them, we'll call him Pierre, told the gang that he would be heading off to his sister-in-law's wedding the following day... his wife and daughter were already there and he preferred to leave joining the circus until the last minute.

One of the girls in the gang asked what the bride's dress was going to be like. Pierre replied: "Dress? With less than a week to go to the wedding, the bride can't make up her mind... so she's bought three wedding dressed!"

Just thought the story might be relevant in the context of today's discussion about "enough"!





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