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Perhaps the biggest con of all... who you think you think other people thought you were and how that makes you feel now!





This Week's Reflection


Think about it - actually, no, don't... reflect on this.

We are normally blinded to our inner potential by how we think we feel about ourself or what we think about who owe think we are. But this so-called baggaeg that chains us to the normal sorry-go-'round of everyday life, is not our baggage at all. Though we picked it up when we were young and impressionable, what we actually picked up was an instinctive impression of what we thought about what other people thought about us.

It's even more bizarre than that: how we think about ourselves now is based on how we thought about what people who were thinking about what they thought about themselves mindlessly said or did for us or to us in the dim and distant past of our childhood.

This is the set of illusions, based on others' illusions, that we normally cling to as our understanding of ourselves. We really are truly blinded by such convoluted nonsense. And, yet, it is what "anchors" the normally-minded. Or, put it another way, it is the anchor that weighs the normal mind down.

It is so, so, so important that we lighten the imaginary burden of this illusory baggage. And it is so, so, so simple to do this, one step at a time, one now at a time. Indeed, it can only be done one now at a time until we reach the point, through moment-to-moment practice, that we return to our true nature.

So, have a look at today's Quick Tip - remind yourself to re-mind yourself, to take control of the levers of power in your own head - they, once engaged, will open the door to that inner true nature that is waiting to present itself in the clarity of a present mind.




This Week's Quick Tip


Today - a few times today - pause and re-mind yourself. Call yourself to full attention in a number of present moments throughout the course of today.

You could choose to do a little something a little differently. You could choose to deliberately immerse yourself in some simple task that you have to do anyway. You could simply choose to really appreciate the joy of a couple of nice, long, slow deep breaths.

The key thing you need to remind yourself of is that, momement-to-moment, you can choose.




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