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Attachment - something from which the normal crazy mind suffers incessantly - a rock on which happiness is prone to run aground. Yes, that's what we're talking about in this week's video or is it...





This Week's Reflection


When we get attached to anything we encourage the subtle process of divorcing ourselves from the here and now. Attachment is just a short hop from allowing ourselves to swallow ourselves in the thoughts about that to which we are or have become attached.

It's a subtle creeping disability - we would like to have something, we think about it, we begin to fantasize and we step on the slippery slope that leads into compulsive thought. I do not exaggerate.

Recently, a client told me that, whilst she hadn't taken the trouble to handwrite her Perfect Moment, she had started spending a lot of time fantisizing about how that perfect moment would be - to the point that a growing portion of most days was beginning to become lost in thought. And you know what happens when you become lost in thought...

Handwriting what you want as if you already have it commits it to the subconscious - you no longer need to allow your thinking mind dwell on it! Thus "setting your mind" frees your mind, whereas allowing yourself to repeatedly think about what you'd love to achieve is first attachment, then obsession. Either way, it has nothing whatsoever to do with living your live in the here and now.

So, attach yourself to the only thing that's real... now. Allow yourself the freedom to become intimately acquainted with the real you and begin to understand that, free from the most fundamental of all attachments (the Conceptual Self to which we are inherently and evolutionarily attached), we experience so much more than that to which our normal minds might ever be attached.




This Week's Quick Tip


It's an oldie but a goodie... I am recommending that you spend some time just sitting still, somewhere comfortable, watching the world go by, taking in the smells and sounds of this time of year, immersing yourself in the reality of the here and now, allowing your mind settle and detach from the inevitable distractions, cares and worries of daily life.

Spend a little time liberating yourself... you never know what you might discover.




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