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A question constantly on clients' lips. And rightly so because, if what we've been talking about every week for all those years wasn't entirely practical... it would absolutely useless! It is, of course, quite the opposite... as, I hope, you have already experienced in your life.





This Week's Reflection


I would like to get an important point across this week - one, no doubt, I've made before but it bears repeating.

When we talk about clarity and presence of mind, when we talk of mindfulness week-in, week-out, we are never ever talking about mindfulness in isolation. Mindfulness in a vacuum is not only of little use, it may be of great danger. Remember, that the normal state of mind is mindlessness for a very important purpose: to ensure that we make it through the day. What if you're just mindful in the moment, joyful without any purpose in mind. You could be so joyful and happy that you'd miss the lion, the tiger, the oncoming train as you danced on the tracks!!

Mindfulness is a state of mind that we apply in our lives. It is the state of mind by which we turn up to the moment to do what we need to do to achieve our objectives. It is both a state of mind and enabler - in flow we act and act effortlessly.

This means that, deep down, we must know why we have turned up to now, what we have to do and why we have to do it. Luckily (not luck at all, actually) our gut instinct instinctively knows the direction in which our lives might best progress. In other words, we don't have to labour over a complete and precise understanding of the particulars of what we want out of life. But, certainly, as we wake up and leap joyfully out of bed each morning*, we need to know what we would dearly love to achieve today.

If you're not joyfully leaping out of bed each morning, don't concern yourself - just keep doing what it takes to be present each moment of each day and it will just happen... like all the best things in life (because you did) what you needed to do to get there.




This Week's Quick Tip


Every day brings "things that we have to deal with" - no doubt you have one or two such items on your agenda, if not today, in the coming days.

So, this week, refer back to last week's Quick Tip - the exact same steps apply to getting something dealt with as they do achieving exciting goals and objectives.

There's one big plus, however, when it comes to dealing with things - we know what outcome we want... we want it dealt with!!




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