Coaching Videos & Tips - October 21 2021 No. 727




There's a very strong chance that you're only beginning to experience the joy of living life to the full that, like everyone else, you are a work-in-progress... what that means is you need to keep going because the adventure has just begun.





This Week's Reflection


The normally-minded person regularly makes half-hearted attempts to change things in the their life. These attempts are inevitably "half-hearted" because they are never fully present. And, as with any half-hearted attempted to achieve anything, the attempt is bound for failure. So they end up settling, more or less, for what they have, having proved to themselves that it is well nigh impossible to bring about the kind of change in one's life that they would love to see.


Those who have embarked on the adventure of self-discovery (or should I say re-disovery because the real you has always been hanging around, lightly concealed by the mist of everyday thought) still carry with them a hangover from the bad old days of normal crazy existence. Once they begin to experience less, little or no stress, once they begin to experience the surge of excitement that accompanies the achievement of life-changing goals, however apparently small, they settle for what they've achieved. They settle into what you might call their "new normal".


And they miss the greatest show on earth... a life of soaring fulfilment.


You are on this journey - otherwise you wouldn't be reading these words. How far are you prepared to go? Actually, as I type these words, I am reflecting on the obvious fact that only a fool wouldn't want to go all the way or, at least, as far as is humanly possible. And, you know, "as far as is humanly possible" is a place and experience utterly unimaginable to the normal mind.


The message? It's simple: keep going, the adventure has only just begun.




This Week's Quick Tip


In today's video I talk about stretching your comfort zone. So, what can you do today to effortlessly put one foot outside that comfort zone (or the one you just perceive)?


That's not today's Quick Tip though! Once you've answered the above question... just go and do it.




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