Coaching Videos & Tips - October 14 2021 No. 726




We're following up last week's video when we talked about how we often self-identify based on a label lazily ascribed to us by someone else. But we're really good at labelling ourselves too - and we can enjoy feeling bad about ourselves!!





This Week's Reflection


We can be awfully good at allowing our conceptual self plays mindgames with us... the conceptual self (who you think you are but who you are not) convinces you that you should feel sorry for the conceptual self!!! Circular madness (talk about 360 degree feedback!!)

This comes in all shapes and sizes from the ordinary everyday "oh I'm just having one of those days", all the way down the rabbit-hole to morose and ruminative self-pity. And the only real thing that actually happened was not what befell us but what we think about what befell us. Like most intractable challenges we think we have in life... far too much thinking going on!

We're all only human and, therefore, from time to time, we catch ourselves playing with ourselves (our conceptual selves!). Some get annoyed or upset about this - but this is only heaping useless thought upon useless thought. Look at it the other way around: when your mind goes AWOL on you, thank it for the opportunity to practice coming back to your senses.

Every time we stumble, its an opportunity to pick ourselves back up. And every time we pick ourselves back up we become increasingly adept at taking the right steps forward. And, with each right step we take forward, we venture ever onwards and upwards on this great adventure called "Your Life" - an adventure that the pathetic little conceptual self couldn't even begin to imagine.




This Week's Quick Tip


Take your psychological temperature right now! What mood are you in? How are you feeling about you right now? What are your feelings about what you have to do next? Is there anything that you know you need to do that you're putting off?

We need to keep evaluating and reevaluating how we are for a very simple and practical reason... the more you do it now, the quicker you'll get to a point that, through doing it now, your mind will do it for you naturally and effortlessly, thereby increasingly keeping you on the "straight and narrow".



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Another Little Reflection

I've had half a dozen conversations in the last few days about the beauty of Autumn - from the changing of the colours of the leaves to, in particular, the smell of Autumn. This time of year provides us with a feast for the senses and a really fulfilling avenue to enable us immerse ourselves in the moment.

I even had a conversation at dawn this morning with someone who talked about the gap between the morning light emerging in silence (just before the birds get going) when all the world seems still.

Appreciate today's opportunities to immerse yourself in the wonder of the moment. Enjoy yourelf.





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