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We all start our journey of self-discovery by thinking we're something that we're not. We learn the foundational stuff when we're young and impressionable. But what if some authority figure (I use the term very very loosely) then goes and labels you?





This Week's Reflection


I make no apology for my minor rant in today's video! When we own labels we dehumanise ourselves. When we label somebody else, we dehumanise them. And that's the start of all kinds of trouble. More than that, we disconnect ourselves from the flow of life and that is at the root of every single difficulty in our lives.

Consider even the use of the word difficulty. It means that we perceive something to be difficult. Yes, it might be a challenge, it might be something that we'd prefer not to have to do - but it's only ourselves that create the perceived difficulty.

And the biggest difficulty we have is with ourselves or, should I say, our perceived selves. God (or whoever!) knows it's a big enough challenge to shake off our preconveived perceptions of ourselves without some so-called professional telling you you're this, that or the other... some label you mind end up wearing with pride!!!

You don't need anyone else to tell you who you really are. You don't even need to go seeking it. You already know. You know "deep down". All you need to do is let it out.

So, whilst today's video might start with me ranting ever so slightly, it ends with the recipe for all good things in your life, the kind of life the labelled you could never even begin to imagine.




This Week's Quick Tip


Reflect on how you see yourself. What labels have been stuck to you over the years? What labels do you like or, indeed, dislike? And what have they got to do with who you really are?

You might reflect on this over a couple of days - I'm certainly reflecting on it in today's Reflection! You might even sleep on it. And you might discover the nonsense of labels!



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