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If your mind is ill-at-ease, your body will experience dis-ease - the former looks after the latter. Today's video looks at the practicality of it all...





This Week's Reflection


I don't get annoyed very often and, when I do, it's with good reason. I read an article in The Guardian a couple of days ago (I won't bother providing a link) that conflated anti-vaxxers with the loonies who think that what they're thinking creates disease.

There is a massive body of evidence that confirms that how we think impacts our physical health. Stress - which is a mental construct and nothing more - directly causes cardio-vascular disease. And there is a growing body of evidence that confirms a similar link between stress and cancer. You are what you think.

On a point of clarification, some have genetic or hereditary predispositions towards particular conditions - I am not discounting the old saying that "cancer runs in the family" - or not quite discounting it: these are predispositions - the ultimate decider is how the user treats his or her own body.

Generally speaking, dis-ease is a lifestyle thing: you are what you think, you are what you eat, you are how you exercise, etc. All these activities and lifestyle choices are just that: choices. And, using our minds normally, we're never best placed to make the right choices.

But a healthy, well-tended mind, inexorably leads to a healthy body... or a healthier body even when confronted with disease (remember that was proving ground for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy).

Do you have to worry about how you look after your body? Don't even give it a first, never mind, a second thought! When you look after your mind, your mind will ensure that your body follows.




This Week's Quick Tip


Take care in what you eat and drink - and how much you eat and drink. Listen to what your body is telling you - it's feeding back information to you all the time. Pay attention to how you feel after different types of food - your body will tell you. When you do your grocery shop, drop the shopping list and purchase what feels right.

Look after yourself, you are the most important person in your life.



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Normal @%!*#y People!


I had my Normal Crazy People story all ready for this morning when, at 5.00pm yesterday evening, all hell broke loose!

Lisa was watering the flower boxes upstairs when she was met with a furtive gaze from our next-door neighbour... she was literally burning the evidence - piles of paper in a metal bucket, cigarette lighter in hand. What was she burning? Who knows, it's burnt!!!

As Lisa arrives downstairs, a chainsaw fires up on the other side of us. Out of the blue our neighbour (you might remember him as ladder-man a few weeks back) starts sawing the base of a 40ft tree at the roadside - no preparation, no idea which way the tree would fall (we know this because his brother-in-law was screaming that he hadn't a clue what he was doing) and, five minutes later, the tree had been felled, lying on ladder-man's car!!

I wonder what will happen today!






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