Coaching Videos & Tips - September 9 2021 No. 721




Are we being a little to airy-fairy when we talk about the importance of smelling the roses or truly tasting your food? Are we being too other-worldly when we talk about how your breathing centres you? Watch the video and, while you're at it, read this morning's Reflection.





This Week's Reflection


There is nothing more practical than peace of mind. Indeed, when at first I start talking with clients, they often find themselves confronted by all kinds of trials and tribulations - only to later discover that all these challenges are dealt with and pass when they apply a clear, still and peaceful mind to the situation.

Even more to the point, it eventually dawns on everyone with whom I work that what they are really seeking is peace of mind. Peace of mind heals all, peace of mind enables all. Peace of mind is the gateway to all good things.

Is that too simplistic an approach? That's pretty much a similar question to the one I'm frequently asked: "Are you telling me that all I need to do is meditate?" - the answer is always yes... to the second question! And, when we realise that, when we experience the benefits, we realise that there is no merit whatsoever in complicating the simple.

For all our apparent brain power (it's really only apparent because it is largely employed in tying us in knots), our minds operate very simply and mechanically. We perceive, behave and achieve according to the extent to which we let out mechanical mind enable us do the right thing in line with what we're trying to achieve or, more importantly, the experiences that we truly want out of life.

That's why we need to get out of our own way. That's why we need to slip the thinking mind into neutral. Then, with the peace of mind that comes from doing that, our doing mind just does what it does best... it does!




This Week's Quick Tip


Slow down, sit down, see, listen and feel. Take a couple of nice slow breaths, notice your heart-rate slow.

Let your mind gently immerse itself in just the here and now - no judgement, no thought, neither add nor subtract anything from what you're simply exeperiencing.

And, in this here and now, know this: all is well.



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Normal @%!*#y People!


Here's another quick tip: take a minute to reflect on any or all of the following normal crazy statements, try them on for size and, then, realise that they're just the raving ramblings of mad people who are or were not in control of their own state of mind:

"You're too big for your own boots!" "Pride comes before a fall!" "Why can't you be more like your sister?" "You'll never get a job like that - be more realistic!" "Don't get ahead of yourself!"

"Oh here comes Lazy Louise!" "Don't be so bloody stupid." "Why can't you be more like your brother?!!" "I don't know why you bother, you always end up disappointed!" "Get yourself a proper job!"

I'm sure you have your own personal bests! But they're not your's, they belong to someone whose mind was missing in action.






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