Coaching Videos & Tips - September 2 2021 No. 720




We've been gently opening the gate: with each breath on which you focus during your meditation you nudge that gate a little wider open. Now it's time to walk through...





This Week's Reflection


Your five senses - seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting - are your gateway to your sixth sense, the real you, your inner voice. Now that you have opened that gateway... listen. Listen and learn.

The most fundamental and important learnings we experience in our lives come from within - they may be prompted by external factors or signposts (of which I might be one!), but the learning comes from within. Why or, indeed, how? Because the inner you knows.

The inner you, the real you languishes, forgotten in the normal noisy mind, like something gathering dust in the attic. When we develop our ability to be present (using our five senses), we literally blow away the cobwebs or, even more pointedly, we begin to realise, understand and experience that... there are no cobwebs, there never were.

The real you - the clean, uncluttered, pristine you - is waiting for you. Always has been always will be. She or he is the one and only person in whom you can place all your trust. The misgivings you might have carried around (for all your adult life) about yourself are just illusions, something of a con - you've been delusional.

Every time we meditate, we awaken just a little more. Every time we deliberately give all of our attention to the here and now, that gateway creaks open just a little more. And the most wonederful thing of all is, once that gateway has been opened, it will never close again. Then again, only a fool would wish it closed.




This Week's Quick Tip


We're slipping into Autumn and, certainly here in the Alps, there is a great stillness about. Over the next couple of days, take a little time to let yourself settle. Sit somewhere quiet, let your mind settle. You never know who might speak from within...


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Normal @%!*#y People!


Just reflecting on a past life - as you know I was, in the early 90s, a man on a mission to turn 'round a failing bank. It only lent to the agricultural sector. It was owned by the State. Everything was highly political. And some of its biggest customers wielded a lot of political clout.

One of our biggest farming borrowers had never made a single payment on his loan and our Recovery Dept. was doing all in its power to get some resolution. Piqued by this constant pursuit, the farmer telephoned the Bank's Chairman.

The conversation started like this: "I'm 'phoning you about the grant you gave me a couple of years ago"...






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