Coaching Videos & Tips - August 26 2021 No. 719




From time to time we sense it, feel it, "hear" it - that deeper knowing of what we must do or not do, an understanding of what is best. In tuning in our fives senses, we liberate #6.





This Week's Reflection


I believe it was Haley Joel Osment who told Bruce Willis "I see dead people" (it's a reference to the film "The Sixth Sense"!!) and, when I talk with normal crazy people that's what I see too - and it's often what I see with clients or program owners when we meet for the first time.

But, then, I see live people - people who have taken it upon themselves to wake up, tune in and liberate themselves. And herein lies the primary importance of your own body's five senses and the attention that you give to them. This attention needs to be unimpeded by thought, unpolluted by judgement or prejudgement. Herein lies the importance of meditation - it is the only scientifically validated way we have of giving the level of attention to our five senses that will, through restructuing the subcortical brain, unleash our sixth sense.

I know, sometimes our meditation feels impeded and polluted. But we must soldier on, we must keep challenging ourselves not to do better but to just keeping doing it, to keep putting our best foot forward on what is essentially a journey of self-discovery.

Dead people - clients or program owners when first I meet them (not necessarily all of them, of course!) - are often afraid of what they'll find on this journey of self-discovery. But that's only because they've mistaken their so-called Conceptual Self for the real thing. You need to let the real thing out - you are the real thing. See it, feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it, liberate it.




This Week's Quick Tip


Liberate the inner you. Take some time over the coming weekend to sit still and observe. Observe whatever there is to observe. Don't think, don't judge, just observe. Observe the outer and inner world in the here and now. Let the inner you surface.


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