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Sense #5 - and one that some people only realise that they don't adequately possess when they mediate for the first time!! Strange but true. Smell is often regarded as one of the subordinate senses - but the more we tune ourselves in to the subtleties of the moment, the more... we tune ourselves in.





This Week's Reflection


Take note of the title of this week's podcast episode. Or, better again, take just under 30mins to listen to it. And, then, consider this week's Quick Tip. Every sniff to which you attend is a step in the right direction.

The more we meditate (a major everyday step in the right direction), the more we prime ourselves to take an increasing proportion of the steps (nows) we take throughout the rest of the day in the right direction - the less prone we become to mis-stepping too. The we attend to what our senses are telling us throughout the day, the deeper our level of flow throughout the day. This is when it really matters.

In conoversation with a client this morning, I learned that "this mini-meditation stuff isn't half as complicated as I thought it was... it could be anything". And he's right. Your day presents you with multiple opportunities to hone your attentive focus to what is passing in this present moment. Do it when it doesn't matter, you'll be on top of your game when it does.

But, then again, the more focused, present and mindful we become, the more we become aware that no moment doesn't matter - through our presence and focus we begin to create opportunity and perfect moments "on the fly". When this starts happening, you know you've hit the jackpot... an as-near-as-makes-no-difference quote from another client, an owner of the Online Program.

This is painfully simple stuff that is painlessly and effortlessly liberating. Set yourself free through your five senses and you'll discover your sixth. That's where we're going next week...




This Week's Quick Tip


As a matter of (good) habit, start sniffing your way around your day - noticing all the various smells and odours, from the pleasant to the not so pleasant. Let your nose guide you for, the more we attend to even the subtlest of what our senses are telling us, the more we fine tune our ability to be present and focused.


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Normal @%!*#y People!


Our next door neighbour is an elderly gentleman with an enormous hedge! And looking after his garden (including the hedge) is a bridge too far for him at this stage in his life. He has someone who does all this - or, as we'll discover - half does all this for him.

His side of the hedge was trimmed early July. As always, we expected our side would be done the following day (in France, it's illegal to cut your neighbour's hedge!! - thought you'd like that one). But nothing happened.

Last week our neighbour paid us a neighbourly visit and, to his shock and horror, realised that our side of his hedge was so overgrown it could probably harbour the odd random man-eating beast! Two days later the gardner appeared and finished the job he'd started five weeks earlier.

Yesterday evening, our elderly neighbour was cutting his own grass! This morning he was blowing his own leaves! Draw your own conclusions.






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