Coaching Videos & Tips - ~August 12 2021 No. 717




We're now on Sense #4 - taste. And, this week, I'm suggesting a whole load of things you could do to spice up your life! Starting with the above video and an exploration of mindful eating. But there's more to it than that.





This Week's Reflection


One of life's great delights - the joy of food. And a little something to wash it down, perhaps!

This week, however, let's go beyond what's in today's video and consider the old adage that you are what you eat. We already know that you are what you think. At this stage, I do hope that you're getting over yourself on that one!

But what of combining last week's video, where we talked about getting in touch with how you feel in your own body and this week's suggestion that you practice mindful eating. Because, over just a little time, through paying attention to the experience of eating one mouthful at a time and by "listening" to your own body, you'll begin to find the your diet will gradually change and, like all other great things that happen in life effortlessly, it will feel like it has just happened.

You will find yourself balancing your diet - in terms of pH balance, digestion, "transit" (as the French call it, a nice word for you know what!), fat, protein... you name it. And it just happens as a result of a deepening integration of mindful mind and healthy body.

For a long, healthy, happy and fulfilled life we need, first of all to wake up (you know this already), stay awake and do all in our own power to ensure that... we live long and healthy.

And I heven't even mentioned the joy of cooking!




This Week's Quick Tip


In the coming days, set some time aside to prepare a meal from fresh ingridients - slowly, mindfully. If you've never done it before (see below!!), now's the time to start. Challenge yourself - you could make something like a Goan curry from scratch!!

Then, enjoy the fruits of what will be a labour of love. Taste each flavour, appreciate the textures. Treat yourself. You deserve it.


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Normal @%!*#y People!


OK - a buffet of crazy food stories for your delectation: the guy who never learned to cook and eats breakfast cereal every day... for dinner; the dietician whose culinary prowess rises to the dizzying heights of zapping prepared meals in the microwave (never bothered to learn to cook either).

The family who goes camping at Christmas and takes carrots and tomatoes for Christmas dinner; the nutritionist who is addicted to hamburgers; the guy who goes to the same cafe for the same lunch every day of the working week.

And, then, there are those who see food as nothing more than fuel. In this, I'm lost for words (and that doesn't happen very often)!






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