Coaching Videos & Tips - ~August 5 2021 No. 716




As our tour of the five (at least) senses continues, we focus this week on the various different aspects of feeling - from the tactile to the physical, from the bodily to the gutteral. So get in touch with the here and now, get in touch with yourself.





This Week's Reflection


Get to know your own body - it is your only interface with the outside world. Through your five senses, you interact with the world - that's why we're paying them so much attention in this current series of videos.

We do, of course, have a sixth sense (that's where this series is headed) but, for now - and always for now - become acquainted with all the subtle sensations your feeling on and in your body. For, when we do take in the raw data from one or more of our five senses, how we appraise or reinterpret that data has a gutteral impact on our bodies. If we are calm of mind, we are calm in body. If we are ill at ease, we will experience dis-ease in our body - most noticably our gut.

When you walk, feel your muscles or muscle-groups and how them move and interact. When you rub your hands together, feel the friction, notice the energy in the palms of your hands. When you breathe, feel the physical effects in as many parts of your body as you can - remember, the oxygen you take in touches every part of your body.

Get to know yourself intimately and subtly - the more subtle the sensations that we attend to, the more fine-tuned our all-important ability to pay attention becomes.

Use quiet moments to get in touch with yourself because, not only is your body your only interface with the world at large and the reality of the moment, it is your sure and certain barometer of how you are engaging with the universe at this moment in time, how your energy is (or isn't!) flowing with the energy of the universe.




This Week's Quick Tip


Run the palm of your hand along whatever is closest to you right now: your other hand, the fabric of your clothing, the top of the table at which you're sitting... or just run your fingers through your hair. Feel the reality of the moment - literally get in touch with the here and now.

And, at some point today, sit down and become aware of how you are feeling internally: in your stomach, your chest, your heart.


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Normal @%!*#y People!


I need to pick up on last week's Normal Crazy People story - you'll remember the ladder propped unused against the farmhouse opposite!

Well, after three days of admiration by the householder, his neighbours and a variety of passers-by, he eventually climbed the ladder on Thursday evening: white plastic bag in one hand, hand-trowel in the other - he was unblocking a gutter and, after all the waiting, the whole operation took less than five minutes.

But here's the real pièce de résistance - having looked at the ladder over the course of three sunny days, he climbed a very slippery ladder, after a heavy thunderstorm... in a pair of flip flops!






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