Coaching Videos & Tips - July 22 2021 No. 714




We're hitting the ground running with today's video, as we begin our adventure into the unvarnished reality of the here and now, free from our own judgements and thoughts. Today, we're seeing like we've never seen before.





This Week's Reflection


Every waking moment, we are bombarded by an overwhelming amount of visual data. We know it's overwhelming because neuroscience tells us that we can only process a tiny fraction of the incoming data.

For starters, we don't process anything that we don't expect to see. That's hardly surprising because, as you already know, we can only perceive and achieve what we expect to perceive and achieve. Neuroscience tells us that, yes, we register the unexpected but our own expectations prevent us doing anything further with that data.

Therefore, quite obviously, we only process what we expect to process. And we don't see this visual data either. Instead, we "see" a processed version of it - what we make of it. The process in question is known as cognitive appraisal, an automated process that employs our "stored knowledge" to enable us make "sense" of what we see.

The upshot of all this is that we never simply see and certainly never see the unexpected. That is why we need to redevelop the ability we had as a young child to look and see, moment-to-moment, free of our own prejudgement.

If you practice this when it doesn't matter, you'll develop your ability to be fully tuned in when it does and... you never know what you might discover!




This Week's Quick Tip


Find somewhere quiet to sit outdoors, settle down for five minutes or so... and watch the world go by.

Look with a deliberate curiosity - not to evalute or comprehend what you're seeing but a curiosity that looks at the detail even of everyday objects.

Don't judge ("that's a beautiful bird"); don't think at all. Just watch and see. And, when your mind wanders, as it will, deliberately choose something particular to look at and simply start watching afresh.


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