Coaching Videos & Tips - July 15 2021 No. 713




Today's video represents the start of something of treasure hunt that I'm going to lead you on over the coming weeks... all the way up to the end of the Summer. So, watch today's video and do please take just a minute or two to read today's Reflection - an important message awaits you there.





This Week's Reflection


Your body is your only interface with the outside world. And, by that, I don't mean simply your apparent physical body. As you know, your body, for all its obvious physical solidity and qualities, is nothing more than a body of synchronistically vibrating strings of energy. Nothing more and... nothing less.

Your body is where the synchronicity of the universe begins for you. Without universal synchronicity there wouldn't be enough order in the universe for your body to vibrate into existence for one single second. And, yet, there's enough order in the universe for all of our bodies - and everything else - to vibrate into existence at the same time, again and again and again.

Proof positive of universal synchronicity is staring back at you when you look in the mirror, is freely exhibited in every sensation you see, feel, hear, smell and taste.

Your body - and (at least) its five senses - is your gateway into a world called... the wonderful effortless reality of life lived in flow in the here and now.

Time to tune into your own body.




This Week's Quick Tip


Take a minute now and again today. Join the palms of your hands as if in prayer and rub them together slowly. Then, rub them across your face, focusing on every little sensation you feel. Rub your fingers through your hair or, in the absence of hair, rub the palms of your hands across your scalp... all the way down onto the back of your neck.

You are the one that you want... feel your way!


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Normal @%!*#y People!


The problem with lying is, with the passage of time, you can't remember which lies you told - just like an acquaintance we knew when we first moved to France.

She was, according to herself, an expert curtain-maker - she was making all the curtains for the small hotel she and her husband were opening. "Quite a skill for a maths professor" she told us.

One evening, over a drink, some months later, she introduced us to her best friend who had taken the trouble to fly from the UK to hand-deliver the curtains her friend had specially made for her!

And, some months later, one of our friend's daughters in the village told our daughter that the lady in question had employed her as a book-keeper... she could neither add nor subtract!

Oh, by the way, there's more where this one came from!!!






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