Coaching Videos & Tips - July 8 2021 No. 712




If you've got the time, watch today's video and then listen to this week's podcast - the latter elaborates on the former and both provide you with the means to take one of those larger steps on the adventure of life...





This Week's Reflection


We train every morning so that we can play at the top of our game through the day. That means that, with a little practice, we ensure that we constantly keep ourselves on our toes as the day itself unfolds.

Once in a while, however, we need to a little more adventurous in our training - life is, after all, the great adventure. So, once in a while, we might push ourselves to meditate a little longer than usual - I'm talking a 20mins (minimum) session.

Also, once in a while, we need to pull the plug on our daily "busy, busy, busy" and, in the process, plug ourselves into the mains of this world in which we live, moment-to-moment, in the here and now. In a nutshell, that's what today's video is about. In a bigger nutshell, that's what this week's podcast explores and explains.

Go that little extra half-a-mile or so! Give yourself the opportunity to see where the real you might take you. A little doing nothing isn't just one of life's great pleasures, it is the gateway to the next step up on the adventure of this lifetime of your's.




This Week's Quick Tip


This is a quick tip... what's in today's video takes a little longer to do. So... give yourself a 5-10mins break. Get out in the fresh air and find somewhere to sit for just those few minutes. And simply watch the world go by.

Can't find somewhere nice to sit? That's simply a matter of your own personal opinion - you can observe the world going by for a few minutes absolutely anywhere.


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Normal @%!*#y People!


One of normal people's biggest hang-ups is the perceived to be busy and be seen to be busy.

You'll notice this everywhere when you stop and indulge a little in one of life's great sports: people watching.

We've seen guys on building sites frantically pick stuff up and put stuff down again without anything constructive actually taking place. And I recollect one particular waiter who ran himself ragged running around the restaurant at high speed - up to his eyes. The only problem was that, for the whole evening we were there, he never took an order, never delivered anything to any table and never cleared anything away. He was too busy running around looking busy.

Worth contrasting that with my comments in this week's podcast about focus and effortlessness.






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