Coaching Videos & Tips - July 1 2021 No. 711




What better way to flow through your day than by putting your best foot forward in the right way at the right time, moment to moment. There's only one way you can do that and it just so happens that it's effortless...





This Week's Reflection


We're all awfully good at being nasty to ourselves. For starters, there is what people describe as "that voice in my head" or "the monkey on my shoulder". As I said to someone a few days ago... there is no monkey. But boy does she or he kick up one hell of a racket!

We all have an adult lifetime's habit of nit-picking. I could give you loads of examples but, this is your life, I'm sure you've plenty of tailor-made examples from your own back catalogue.

We need to stop this. And stop it now. And now. And now, again. Everytime we allow ourselves snipe at ourselves, we bleed another drop of our precious energy. And the loss of our energy leaves a hole that needs to be filled by seeking the approval of others. It's a subtle but extraordinarily vicious circle.

We've talked about giving ourselves credit where it's due. We've talked about egging ourselves on, motivating ourselves. We do this by taking a step back - moment-to-moment - to experience the reality of the moment, free of the "voices", the "noise" and the "monkey". It's the only way we can do it for, to fight the voice or monkey, is to give what isn't there the power it doesn't deserve.

And you deserve better.




This Week's Quick Tip


Stop for a minute or two and be. Just be. Just breathe.

That's all - no point in complicating the simple.


Of course, there are lots of ways to stop and be. Here are some additional resources to help you immerse yourself further in the importance and experience of... now.


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Normal @%!*#y People!


I was chatting to a friend recently who told me that his daughter had "given up on men". She'd been going out with a guy on whose birthday she had bought him a lovely present. He broke up with her the following day. What really got to her, though, was... this was the third time in four years that this had happened.

I mentioned this to another acquaintance a couple of days ago only to discover that his son had been dumped, by text, by his "girlfriend" for whom he had just bought... a lovely birthday present!

The pièce de résistance however was her belief that his present wasn't expensive enough. Not only that, she didn't think he had the kind of lifestyle that would guarantee the style to which she wanted to become accustomed!






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