Coaching Videos & Tips - June 24 2021 No. 710




Do you need to encourage yourself or embolden yourself, girding your loins for action? Or is something more subtle yet so much more powerful at play? This week's video explores...





This Week's Reflection


You don't need to be courageous to step boldly outside your so-called comfort zone, you just need to know what you're doing and why you're doing it. And you don't need to know the meaning of life to know what you're trying to achieve and why. You simply need to have a feeling for the kind of experiences you like having and you'd like to experience more of in your life, moving forward in future nows.

Courage and bravery are words used by the normally minded who either know none of the above or have never even realised that you should even consider the kind of life you'd love to have. I've said that that way because, normally, the normally-minded poohoo the idea that that could be a realistic proposition. And even those on this adventure that could be described as "living one's life to the full" sometimes have moments of doubt.

But moments are what are important - and what you do and how you do it... each moment. When you approach the reality of the moment this way, there's an inevitability that, not only will you do the right thing in the right way, it will stretch you, expand that so-called comfort zone of your's so that, to the casual observer, you'll be doing the bold and brave. You know better, though: you'll simply be doing the obvious next thing that needs to be done and, little-by-little, you'll find yourself in a completely different flow of life.

You don't need to encourage or embolden yourself, you just need to turn and know why you're here, right here, right now. Then, you'll do just what you need to do and do it effortlessly. You'll probably surprise yourself and you'll certainly delight yourself.




This Week's Quick Tip


Give yourself a few minutes to reflect on what you want out of now. What outcomes do you know for sure that you want to achieve today? In the next hour? In the next now?

If you don't know what you want, you're not going to get it!

And, if you actually don't know, right now, what you want out of today, go back to basics... would you prefer to be happy or unhappy, excited or frustrated?


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Normal @%!*#y People!


Today we're talking cars! We're talking about our neighbour who power-hoses his pride and joy weekly. Not too crazy, you might think but the car is also vacuum-cleaned every third day. And when he's finished inside, he vacuums the engine!

We're also talking about the Creative Director who bought himself a classic Ferarri. Each morning when he parked it at the office he would stand back, admire and do a quick tour of inspection... every morning.

And we're talking about the Creative Director's colleague who ran his own car key the full length of each side of the beloved Ferrari!






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