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We talked about appreciation last week. Time now to appreciate yourself and how far you've come, how much progress you've made. And, in that regard, this morning's Reflection is worth a read too...





This Week's Reflection


I want to highlight a particular aspect of what we know as Flow - that state of mind in which we just do what we need to do effortlessly to get to where is best for us - all the while enjoying being so immersed in the experience of the moment.

The enjoying bit is so important. To enjoy ourselves we need to be aware of the moment-to-moment experience and, in effect, realise that we're enjoying ourselves, appreciate it and give ourselves that credit which is due. The Flow Research calls this the Feedback Loop... in effect you're giving yourself a little pat on the back, a little "well done you"!

As human beings, we need to know we're doing well, we need that feedback, we need to see the fruits of our labours, so to speak. This is not the same as gaining the approval of others... this is totally an internal experience but one that is of integral importance to the actual experience of the moment.

Not only that, it encourages us (we talked about that a few weeks ago) to dive even further into the wonderful Flow of all the good things that life has to offer us - right here and now.

So, immerse yourself in the moment and lap it up!




This Week's Quick Tip


Today's Reflection says it all... immerse yourself in the moment and lap it up.

Right this moment, take a moment and just be. Listen, watch, feel. Don't judge, don't evaluate, just be. When a little cloud of thought appears in your clear blue sky of being, let it dis-appear! Just enjoy the moment.

Becuase, in this moment, in reality, all is wonderfully well.


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Normal @%!*#y People!


Just watched two young girls park their car outside the local supermarket... ever so slightly askew.

As they got their shopping trolley and readied themselves to do their shopping, a disgruntled woman screamed at them across the carpark - "That car is parked crooked" she shouted (and she really seemed pretty angry even though they had parked nowhere near her) "F****rs like you don't care, you just don't care!"

Funny really, how someone was screaming about making sure someone else's car was on the straight and narrow when she certainly was most definitely not on it herself!

It's a funny old world!


One More Thing...

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