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In this week's video I'm exploring the many aspects of appreciation - in my view something a little broader and, perhaps, even a little grander than the gratitude that is part and parcel of appreciation.





This Week's Reflection


What you do in this moment and how you do it echoes into the future - specifically your future or, even more specifically, the nows yet to arise.

Right now, you are where you are as a result of every single little thing you did or failed to do in every single moment up to this moment. And it is the little things that make the greatest difference - the way be behave ourselves, the attitude we bring to what we're doing or how we interact with others, the moods we get into to the point where, so blinded by our mood, we cannot see an opportunity in one of those little moments, that would lead us in an entirely different direction.

It would be an interesting exercise to reflect on the little "turning points" already encountered in our lives that have led us to this current moment. But it would not be an exercise worth doing. For what went before doesn't matter at this point - what matters now is what we do and how we do it now.

Chances are, in many of our previous nows, we weren't present - and that is what would have, amongst many other things, disabled our ability to do the right thing when confronted by opportunity. Such non-present behaviour is not worth the scrutiny we often think it might deserve.

Instead, we need to scrutinise ourselves now - and now and now, again and again. Turning up to now alters the complexion of our experience, transforms our perspective of everything, including ourselves and enables us do the right thing, in the right way, at the right moment.




This Week's Quick Tip


Stop, breathe, appreciate the air in your nostrils and the satisfaction of a big, deep breath. Smell, appreciate every little nuance of what you smell. Stay focused on smelling until you notice aromas that you hadn't at first notice. Appreciate the experience of the moment.

Listen, hear, appreciate the cacophony of sounds around you. Lose yourself in each little sound and appreciate the complexity of the multiple subtle sounds around you.

When we lose ourselves in this way, we discover ourselves.


A couple of other things:


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Normal @%!*#y People!


I have just read about a congressional hearing where the US Forest Department was asked by a senior law maker if they could alter the course of the moon's orbit around the earth as a means of combatting climate change.

If you feel you need to reread the above sentence - by all means do so. Because it gets more bizarre.

The law maker went on to ask - remember, it's the Forestry Department he's asking - if they could alter the earth's obrit around the sun as a means of combatting climate change.

I don't have anything to add!


One More Thing...

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