Coaching Videos & Tips - June 3 2021 No. 707




All too often, we don't realise just how far we've travelled until someone asks us. That's what I'm asking your to do in this week's video.





This Week's Reflection


Life moves forward one now at a time and we never ever know what is going to happen in the next now - none of us is blessed with the ability to see around corners!

That is why I have always urged those with whom I work to regularly evaluate and re-evaluate. Let me be clear though: I am not suggesting that this is something that you think about - were it that we'd bring all our prejudgemental junk to the party - rather it is something on which to mindfully reflect.

Why? Because the reality in which we find ourselves is changing moment-to-moment. If we get too hung up on being in the moment, that's all we experience and we can begin to drift. Having set our inner compass (by imagining our perfect moments) we need, like every great explorer, stop and have a quick look at the compass now and again.

In addition, ever-changing, ever-renewing reality means the we need to evaluate and re-evaulate where we would dearly love to go in every aspect of our lives. This is the one of the key reasons (there are others) why our perfect moments should speak to our sense of feeling and experience rather than be prescriptive or specific.

In addition, as we journey forward, one now at time, we become more present, more clear-minded. And, with clarity of mind and perspective, comes an even clearer understanding of all the good things that we would prefer in our lives... or even all the best things that would be best for us.

Of course, we can only gain any of this perspective in the first place by turning up to each here and now. Our lives are lived on shifting sands and our task is to make sure that we are sure footed enough in this moment to be agile enough to be sure footed enough in the next moment as those sands shift.




This Week's Quick Tip


Recollect the old you. I didn't say think about it, nor did I suggest you either reminisce or long for the so-called good old days. Simply recollect how you were of who you thought you were before you ever started out on the journey that we discuss and explore week in, week out. Set aside a little time to simply ask yourself how the old you and new you stack up... it's one of the very few circumstances in which you'll ever find me asking you to indulge in comparative thinking.

But, as you know, that's what today's video is about. We need to know where we stand. If we don't we're in danger of falling.


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Normal @%!*#y People!


Just seen a headline that reads Stressed Out Amazon Workers Can Now Access Mindfulness Training... Gee Thanks! - it reminds me of a conversation I had a number of years ago with a Call Centre Team Leader...

"We have a mindfulness room - right beside the main office area - but how can I go in there and be mindful when I'm mind-full with all the madness that's happening the other side of the door?"

And madness it is: the corporate-created madness of undue pressure added to by the individual madness of people trying to do their job through the fog of thinking about the stress from which their suffering... layer upon layer of madness that "access to mindfulness" on its own will never solve.





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