Coaching Videos & Tips - May 27 2021 No. 706




Just in the same way as the famous jigsaw comes in two interlocking pieces, so do the twin approaches of patience and urgency generate a compulsive interplay...





This Week's Reflection


A compulsive interplay? What the hell am I talking about? Well, we know that what I call the two-piece jigsaw involves doing what it takes, day in day out, to constantly and consistently develop our mental fitness and clarity. And we also know that that mental clarity makes all things clear: what is happening in the moment but, even more importantly, a clearer understanding of not so much what we want out of life but what is best for us - this is the second piece of the jigsaw, enabling our mind effortlessly chart the course for where it knows we want to go.

These two pieces are complementary. So are the twin attitudes we must bring to our lives, again, day in day out.

There is an absolute and compelling urgency to doing what we need to do to be mentally fit for purpose. It is both compelling an urgent because life is lived now. But we need to be completely and utterly patient with regard to letting our outcomes present themselves, come to fruition. Perfect Moments are only perfect when they happen at the perfect moment. We cannot rush them. In fact, in attempting to rush them we give ourselves the false impression that we must try as hard as we might to bring them about. In doing so, the resulting doubt just holds us back. It doesn't (and won't) stop the Perfect Moment coming about. But it does delay it as a result of our impeding ourselves effortlessly just do what we need to do to allow it come about.

The good thing is that the more we do the urgent, the more patient we become. The more let go and trust the process, the more effortlessly everything simply comes about.




This Week's Quick Tip


We often confuse the urgent with the important. But, today, the important is urgent - because your life will either pass you by today (if you don't do the urgent) or you will experience some moments of life lived to the full. The choice is your's.

Make the choice now... right now - there's not a moment to lose. Take this moment to notice where you are, what you feel, what you hear, the air in your nostrils. It's urgent because this moment, when it passes, will never pass this way again.


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Normal @%!*#y People!


Today's Quick Tip talks about choice. Well, our neighbours have not made the right choice!

It's like Groundhog Day, which is hardly surprising when remember that, for normal crazy people, every day is a repaet performance. They've chosen to shout and scream at each other again... as one of them inches a trailer-load of wood onto the other's land. It's an inch at a time. But you know what they say about giving someone the proverbial inch...

And so the circus continues: foulmouthed insults interlaced with pleasant "Bonjours" directed at other neighbours who are passing by or cutting their grass. Jekyll and Hyde!

And, as with any circus performance, all you can do is sit back and enjoy the show.





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