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This, believe it or not, is not the same as doing nothing! If you've watched previous videos on doing nothing, you'll know exactly what I mean. So now, you need to understand the importance of not doing anything!





This Week's Reflection


A good friend, when I met him first, described himself as something of a "hot head" and the people who worked with him and for him were in general agreement!!

Mirroring the experiences of many of my clients and, indeed, those of owners of my Online Program, the first realisation that something had shifted with my friend was when those around him started noticing that he was "nicer" or "more easy going". The shift, of course, was down to a little daily discipline on his part... meditation in the morning and keeping himself alert during the day.

Being a little too close to the action, he was slower to notice the change - until I asked him. He realised that, to use his own words, when he got to the "cliff-edge" of reaction, he no longer jumped! And, in realising this, he also realised that his next step would be to never get to the cliff-edge.

This provides us with a number of learnings: you may not realise how far you've progressed until someone like me asks you... you need to ask yourself; the more we become aware, the more we realise the more road there is to travel and, finally for now, the more effortless that road becomes when we don't jump, feet first (into our mouth!) off the cliff!




This Week's Quick Tip


Pause. Whenever you feel like reacting... pause. You and I both know that, normally, when we react, we make things worse, not better. And, normally, the normal mind is permanently in reactive mode.

There's a world of difference between reaction and response - and the world of difference all comes down to you being aware enough that you're about to react. That means that today's Quick Tip also demands that you regularly do what it takes to be aware enough to be aware that you're about to react!

When you add these little pieces together, you'll discover... a world of difference.


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Normal @%!*#y People!


It's been too long since we had to scrap our old piano which underfloor heating had completely destroyed. So, now, I want to buy a new piano.

How easy do you think it is to get someone to sell you a piano? Of the four local vendors, one made an arrangement to talk by 'phone - and never did. One told me, in response to an email, that I clearly didn't know what I was talking about - and that was the end of it! Whilst two others have completely ignored me... and I'm ready to buy!

Against this background, I ordered some oak for another home project only to receive an email yesterday that the order would be delayed - I was likely to receive it on the 1st of January, 1970!

Do people in business want to do business? And is it any wonder that there are so many successful businesses around, when the bar for success is set so painfully low?

OK... got that off my normal crazy chest!!





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