Coaching Videos & Tips - May 13 2021 No. 704




The more little steps we take to manage our state of mind, the more freedom from thought that we offer our mind, the more our mind will simply slip into flow and lead us effortlessly through our day.





This Week's Reflection


I'm currently getting lots of questions about how to meditate and how to find that spot where we lose our Conceptual Self and find something deeper and grander.

Some are finding it difficult to sit still! Some are finding that every little sound or itch distracts them. Some tell me that they simply don't seem to be able to meditate.

If you can breathe you can meditate.

However, because of the rebellious nature of our thinking mind (he or she doesn't want to be replaced or supplanted!) the act of stilling ourselves can be a challenge. And, of course, it will be an even greater challenge, to the point of being an insurmountable one, if we think it's a challenge!!! Or, indeed, if we think too much about it at all.

If you're finding it difficult to sit still, doing a walking meditation. If you're distacted by all the little noises around you, meditate using sound - like Tibetan Bells. And, if you think you can't meditate... pull yourself together!

And as for finding that altered state... you won't find it - it finds you. Let it.




This Week's Quick Tip


Bearing in mind that every step we take to clear our mind is a step in the right direction, can I suggest that you clear a time in your day today - and every day - for simply sitting and observing.

There's a whole world to observe right from where you're sitting: for starters, your own body is providing you with reams of experiences, moment-to-moment, that you could observe as each experience or feeling arises and passes. Or you could simply look around you - with a fresh set of eyes.

The key thing we always need to be doing is reminding ourselves to re-mind ourselves.


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Normal @%!*#y People!


Our neighbours are, like the rest of us, busying themselves with their vegetable patch.

Every year, like the rest of us, great care and attention is given to the preparation of the soil and, like the rest of us around here, they will devote their Summer early mornings to watering and weeding.

Unlike the rest of us - if the last nine years are anything to go on - what they grow will rot in the ground uneaten!!!





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