To Succeed... Just Let Go



Learn how to:

Focus - you're wired to survive - not for happiness or success

Banish Stress - stress is hard-wired too - long ago it saved your life - now it’s killing you

Set Your Mind - so you actually expect your goals to happen

Just Do - what you need to do to achieve your goals - you’re wired to get in your own way


A journey of challenge, discovery and wonder


I thought I was enrolling to a course, however I got a friend, a guide, a counselor


I landed the career of my dreams and lost 45lbs to become fit and healthy


Less stress - more effortless success


My life improved in ways I could not have imagined


My relationship with my family and work colleagues has improved immensely



Focus Will Change Your Life


I’m sure you want to change your life - I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t. I’m sure you’d like a stress-free life if, for no other reason, to stop stress slowly killing you. And I’m sure you’d like to achieve your goals instead of them just being hopes and dreams.

All this is doable.

You change your life by taking control of your own state of mind - by controlling your emotions, by coming to your senses. You’re not wired that way - you’re wired to react, wired for stress.

The modern brain is designed for survival, not for living the life you want. And that means that you’re actually wired to resist the change you really want.

When you take control of your own mind, you develop mindfulness - that’s the exact opposite of the everyday mindlessness we all experience when we’re in survival mode.

When you’re mindful you see everything differently - including yourself. Mindfulness deals with self-esteem and self-confidence - it’s the perfect personal development or self-help tool.

But mindfulness alone won’t change your life. It opens your unconscious mind - so you understand what success really means for you - you then need to set your mind to achieve your goals and objectives with the least possible effort.

Stress-free living, the right work-life balance and financial freedom is all down to how you use your own mind.

Is all this too good to be true? Well, every single word is backed up by modern cognitive psychology and neuroscience. When you use your brain differently, not only do you restructure your brain, you change how your brain behaves. And that, my friends, is life-changing.





My mind is clearer and there are no days where I feel down in the dumps. Willie has shown me how to grasp the moment and live my life to the full. I have found that I don’t miss out on opportunities that are good for me and I instinctively know when something is not.

Rosemary Creaven - London UK


In following the program I have landed the career of my dreams, spent ample time raising my family and lost 45lbs to become healthy and fit.

Steve H - Denver, CO, USA


Willie is hugely supportive and generous with his time and knowledge both at the group level and on an individual basis.

Bryan Andrews - Dublin Ireland


I thought I was enrolling to a course, however I got a friend, a guide, a counselor.

Isolina Moran - Ontario, Canada


Willie's unique and engaging delivery is always worth paying attention to if you want to stop being a normal crazy person.

Andy Hargreaves - UK


A "must have" for every business person that benefits both work and personal life.

Bruno Bert - Switzerland


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