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Coaching Videos & Tips - January 21 2021 No.688


It's a word that's used, overused and abused. A word that's bandied about, misrepresented and, above all, misunderstood. Today's Video goes, quite literally, behind the scenes.



Today's Quick Tip

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This week, starting today, I'd like you to reflect on the things that you love... that could include people, places, foods, wines, sports, hobbies... but, above all, experiences.

Don't sit down and force yourself to think about this... just re-read the foregoing sentence.

And, over the coming days, as things occur to you, jot them down - handwrite them - in your new book.

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I've used the phrase behind the scenes in reference to today's Video. In other words, what needs to go on behind the scenes that causes things to "manifest" or to feel like they are "just happening"?

That word manifest is one I simply do not like. Too many people operating in the so-called field of self-help or personal development have insinuated that all you have to do is "believe" what you want into existence.

The second phrase - the "just happened" one - is one that I hear regularly... my clients and Owners of the Online Program use this language freely and frequently... in the sure and certain understanding that nothing just happens.

But, when you're in the zone, doing just what you need to do to get to where you want to go and, because you're in the zone, doing it effortlessly... it sure feels like things just happen. However - and this is a big however that lots of would-be gurus skirt over - the key word in the last sentence is... DO.

When we develop our focus - it's not to be chilled out. We develop our focus for action - real action, not the reaction that characterises the normal everyday existence. And that real action enables us achieve our goals, objectives and Perfect Moments in the kind of effortless manner that certainly does not charecterise normal everyday existence.

Having watched today's Video, you know exactly what real action you need to take.


From illicit house parties to full-blown raves to which crazies from the four corners of Europe come to spread the joy - or the Covid - we're all all to well aware of the excesses of the extremes of normal crazy behaviour in these oh-so-challenging times.

But there's crazy, there's extremely crazy and those who take the notion of craziness to a whole new level:

We've 6.00pm to 6.00am curfew here in France at present. There are obvious exceptions to the general rule, one of which allows dog owners to enable their furry friends do as nature requires before bedtime! Using this exception, one clever girl brought her boyfriend out late at night... on a leash!

Both were arrested, each was fined €1,000 and neither will be going walkies late at night anytime soon.


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