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Coaching Videos & Tips - January 14 2021 No.687


We talked last week about coincidences - the things that really change our lives often spring from the unexpected. But that presents the normal mind with a really big problem - one that would be insurmountable were it not for... you need to watch today's Video.



Today's Quick Tip

Over the next few weeks I'm going to suggest that we do a little writing... of the handwriting variety!

So, this week, I would suggest that you purchase a little writing book - one that you can carry around with you - so that you can write down things that occur to you... you'll understand what I mean as we progress.

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We've been exploring coincidences - unexpected occurances. You might be forgiven for thinking that these events are entirely external - but you'd be wrong. Occurances of an unexpected nature - unexpected to the thinking mind - also occur within. That's why, in today's Quick Tim I allude to handwriting things that might occur to you... more in due course.

For now, you are already well aware of the kind of occurances that I'm talking about. What many of those who contact me might call "silly little things" - like the name of a song or singer, movie star or prior acquaintance occuring to you long after you've racked your brains trying to remember it.

These occurances might seem facile or silly - but they provide us with an insight into how the most important parts of our brain - the doing parts of our brain work. They work themselves - if we'd only let them - unimpeded by thought.

Other things occur to us, even in everyday life. We stumble across some piece of information that fills a gap in our understanding - apparently by accident (it's not!) or we have what even normal crazy people call a brainwave... a flash of inspiration.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could tap into this doing brain at will? Well, we can and you know how.


You always know when someone is lying... they always offer two excuses when one would do.

Along with my neighbours, I've been digging us out of a meter of snow that fell overnight. As we all mucked in together, one of them - who had earlier been out in his car three times (and made our job so much more difficult) was fiddling with the car, claiming he couldn't get it to start. When I went in to Zoom with a client, Lisa took over... he told her he had a doctor's certificate that prevented him shovelling snow!

Reminds me of an acquaintance who told me he couldn't turn up for a workshop in Dublin because he had a Board Meeting. The day before the workshop, having fogotten he had told me that, he told me he had to go to London on business.

The morning of the Workshop, I met a friend for breakfast in Dublin's Westbury Hotel... who was sitting at the next table?


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