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I have worked with Willie over the last three years both in groups and individually. He has an exceptionally well developed ability to put into context the specific set of circumstances you find yourself in and has the coaching skills necessary to formulate in a clear and concise manner, how you can apply purposeful mindfulness to achieve the goals you set yourself. It is clear from his style of delivery that he has worked in and understands real business environments where what should be done and what is done don’t always match. While knowing Willie I have met numerous people who have seen value in working with him on several occasions over a period of time to deepen their understanding of purposeful mindfulness and how best to apply it for true success.

Philip McCabe, Country Brand Leader, Nestlé Nutrition Ireland


I have attended a number of Willie Horton’s workshop sessions over the last few years.  I liked the balance that Willie struck between being able to reference latest brain science research while distilling things into concrete tangible steps that workshop participants could incorporate into their busy day-to-day lives.  Another balance that he strikes is between his interest in facilitating people’s growth and his preparedness to challenge people to take responsibility for their own choices.  What’s more Willie manages to strike these balances while keeping a thread of humour running through the sessions.  Attending one of Willie’s workshops is like pulling into a service station for a fill-up of high-grade fuel to set you up for the journey ahead.  To be recommended!

Peter Mohan, Managing Director, ClearMind


Willie approaches his subject with deep knowledge, enthusiasm, insight, challenge and energy, he enabled me to understand the importance and relevance of maintaining focus in the present. I have practiced this approach for the last 7 years and I recognise that heightened awareness of self and others in the present is very powerful when engaging with complex and demanding issues. Indeed I have found that this focus when maintained is enriching in all aspects of my life. I would like to thank Willie for enabling me to gain this knowledge and for staying in touch over the years with many useful reminders.

Michael Owens, HR Director, VHI Healthcare & President CIPD Ireland


I have been a repeat participant in Willie Horton's courses and have found them really useful in giving me a 360 degree view, a very welcome perspective from which to move forward. Knowing your strengths and working from your known strengths has been a key learning; taking time out to consider, a simple and effective transformation tool and the stimulus of contemporary thinking on what makes success, that Willie himself brings, a stimulating insight.

Gina Quin, President, National College of Ireland


Willie Horton delivered Masterclass sessions in Dublin and Belfast for the Association for Coaching In Ireland.  His is highly engaging and informative but with a real challenge to coaches to reflect on their practice and develop themselves to deliver even better outcomes for their clients and their business. He provided lots of practical tools and take-aways and his sessions were very positively rated by our members. We plan to work with him again soon in Ireland.

Niamh Shiells, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Association for Coaching


Willie's workshop has enabled me to see all the possibilities that I have in life and to go after those possibilities knowing I will be successful without any doubt in my mind whatsoever. Once this realisation sinks in, everything becomes so easy and totally fulfilling. I couldn't recommend this course strongly enough...you just need an open mind and the world is truly your oyster.

Gabielle Coultry, Management Consulting Director, Deloitte


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