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By helping me see that everything I needed for a successful life was already within me, Willie Horton gave me the power to make every trouble seem trivial, realise the waste of worry and live life where it was intended to be enjoyed - very much in the present - now.

Trevor Hunt, Brand Manager, Diageo


If you want to maximise your potential and get in touch with the real you... this is for you.

Michael McArdle, Marketing Director, Glanbia


Willie provides a hands-on and heart-centred approach to connecting the inner and outer you - the drizzle in your head clears to enable you to be fully present.  Changing your world happens by giving full attention to the now and Willie's approach enables you to simplify complexity.

Ciaran McGettrick, Managing Director, Capita Ireland


Thanks Willie. The feedback from the day was extremely positive - I was pleasantly surprised at everyone's openness and receptiveness to "going off the beaten track" as you say. It was as if we were opening up a part of ourselves we know is there but don't get a chance or dare to indulge.  So, whatever happens, I think the day will have been of value.  Thanks very much for your work with us.

John Gleeson, Managing Partner, Arthur O'Hagan Solicitors


Having sat with you for the two days I marvelled at the simplicity of how you managed to answer so many of my questions without my even having to ask, it just unfolded. Now that I am armed with your resources, I find that, with practice, I am progressing more and more towards “living in the now” and this practice has helped me recognise the changes I needed to make and to some extent given me the courage to implement them.

Michael Herbert, Chief Executive, Windsor Motor Group


I found Willie’s workshop and book to be really different to anything I had experienced previously. Willie’s style is easy going yet is thought provoking. If you are prepared to go with Willie on the journey that he brings you on you will be challenged in a positive manner in both your professional and personal life.

Terry Lennon, CEO, Advance Pitstop


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