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I attended your Dublin Chamber event on Tuesday & bought your book about a month prior. May I just say that you have changed my life forever, I’m starting to take control and doing ‘nothing’ is being very productive for me.

Michael Morrisroe, Managing Director, GPX Global Systems


I found the session very interesting and stimulating. It really provides great insights into the process of achieving better focus, and reducing the impact of distractions.

Ronan Nolan, Chairman, Deloitte & President Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland


Living in the Here and Now and learning to Act instead of spending time thinking has been the most important learning I have had in my living and working life.  Willie Horton helped me to learn how to act and really live in the here and now and it has changed my life.

Donald Williamson, Sales Director, Britvic


We end 2009 as Wyeth’s high ranking and highest performing affiliate globally.  I recognize that this success would not have been possible without the outstanding support and assistance which you personally brought to our table.  The memories of our interactions, discussions, debates and friendship with you Willie are very dear ones to us.  I look forward to maintaining our friendship for many years to come.

Emmet Browne, Chief Executive, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals


Extraordinary and insightful.  If you only ever attend one course in your life.... this is the one!  Willie's depth of knowledge and research is unrivalled.  He delivers his message in an entertaining yet precise fashion giving everyone who attends the tools to go out and finally live their life to the full.

Warren Fox, Managing Director, Marketing Impressions


Through my engagement with Willie I have learned to look at life and its challenges from a much broader perspective. He has given me the insight and direction from which I can choose to change my life path as I see fit and commit to.   I believe the challenge is great and the rewards will be even greater for all those I love.

Billy Finn, Executive Chairman, Ark Life


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