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I discovered Willie Horton many years ago as I had just taken on the leadership role for the site and was anxious to see if it might help. What started out as a concept of focusing the mind on what you are doing has now become an integral part of how we develop our long-term plans, how we execute those plans and is absolutely a key ingredient for our continued success as an organisation.

Pat O'Donnell, SVP Global Manufacturing, Allergan Pharma


I have just completed your online workshop, and wanted to drop you a note to say how interesting and useful I found it.  What you have put together for use over the web is excellent and I am really impressed by the format and scope.  Loved your use of humour as well, there is nothing worse than people taking themselves or life too seriously!  Great tools which I will continue to use everyday, thank you.

Emma Graham, Image and Lifestyle Consultant


Willie introduces people to a new way of looking at things, which is very different in a positive way. The techniques, insights and discussions with Willie promote an enduring and fresh  way of approaching both your career and life balance. Willie's workshops are great for taking time out from a busy schedule in order to reflect on things with like minded people. I highly recommend Willie’s work and would encourage others to get involved.

John O'Connor, Project Director, ESB


Simply put ...'I went; I listened; and I believe!' Truthfully it was without doubt the best two days I have ever spent in a room. I suppose I am a pessimist by nature; however'I now shave with my left hand, at least once a week!' and it definitely keeps me focused on what is important to me!' I truthfully have not looked back since that two day work shop and everyday, without thinking about it within the 24 hrs I find myself reflecting on some part of what you said, which immediately gives me a reality check and points me in the direction I need to go... even my little girl talks about 'the now' ! Again many thanks for unlocking a part of me that I never knew existed! ...Life is good!!!

John Clifton, General Manager, Burlington Hotel


I have had the pleasure to be acquainted with Willie for more than 10 years. I and my teams have benefited greatly from his insights, his words of wisdom and his no nonsense approach to help us ‘focus’ and realise our true potential. Willie’s delivery is unique and the lack of formalities involved in his workshops creates for a perfect atmosphere. Willie’s outstanding attribute is his ability to simplify what might initially appear to be a complex issue. While I and my colleagues attended Willie’s work-shops in a corporate capacity, we soon learnt that the benefits are equally as applicable in one’s personal capacity. If you are struggling to focus and are not living in the ‘here and now’, I would highly recommend you engage with Willie.

Alan Downey, GM, Nestlé Nutrition


Willie Horton has been engaged by BDO for over eight years. Myself and a number of the Partners have found Willie’s approach to helping our top people to unclutter their lives and  de-stress to be most fruitful. Willie has an amazing knack for understanding the stress points in professional services delivery and indeed the stress points in modern existence irrespective of work pressures. While Mindfulness is a word we are hearing more and more, Willie has an introduction, delivery and perspective on mindfulness which brings into real life and practical life. I would highly recommend Willie Horton to help you and your teams to separate the chaff from the wheat and make some sense of our information packed lives.

Derry Gray, Managing Partner, BDO


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