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Coaching Videos & Tips - May 6 2021 No.703


I'm being very practical - practical in the extreme - in today's video. But, bearing in mind what we've been talking about over the last couple of weeks, if you really do love yourself, you're really going to want to look after yourself.

So, today's video and its audio download are simply just the follow on.




Today's Quick Tip

Don't tolerate other people's inappropriate behaviour - and don't worry if they don't like your telling them... that's their problem, not your's.

And, if you're worried about how you'd ensure they get the message - don't. In a clear state of mind you'll know exactly what to say and how best to say it. And it'll all feel effortless.

And, after all that, don't forget, there's lots to keep you on the right track...

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What's the key takeaway from today's Quick Tip? Turn up to the here and now: you'll know what's appropriate behaviour and what's not; you'll know exactly what to say and how to say it; you'll always to just what you need to do in a way that will effortlessly get you to where you want to go.

I was recently asked the following: "I've a potentially very difficult conversation to have with a key person in the business. What am I going to say?"

The answer was - and always is - oh so simple: when you turn up to the present moment, mindful of the outcome your desire, you'll just know! You'll always know what to say and do. You'll end up doing it in ways that would surprise your over-thinking you - but that's only because the over-thinking you would be so busy over-thinking that it would never get around to doing anything! And, if it did, it would do the wrong thing... guaranteed.

If you look back over the hundreds of video and tips in these little Thursday morning offerings, you'll realise that I'm constantly challenging you to turn up to your own life. It is that easy. Turn up and everything's easy.

It's the practicing turning up that is, apparently, hard. Apparently? If you think you're not disciplined enough to switch yourself on every morning, you'll always be right. If you think you're too lazy to create the good habit of turning yourself on in the morning, you'll always be right.

But if you keep prodding yourself, poking yourself, almost annoying yourself into taking a momentary pause during the course of the day to "pull yourself together", you know what... you will, sooner or later, get it all together and you experience of daily life, what you achieve and how you achieve it will never be the same again.

When confronted with the question "What do you really want?" nobody knows the answer - certainly not immediately. That's a whole world of difference from the normal person's answer - they think they know exactly what they want.

Some years ago a friend called me late one evening - his wife had just announced that "if things don't change, I'm leaving!" When she said "things don't change" she knew exactly what she wanted - and it provides us, today, with a perfect example of how the normal mind normally defines success and happiness according to the norms of what they think it looks like...

"Mary across the road has a nicer car" she had said. "The Gibsons next door go on three holidyas a year... we've only been on one" she continued. "And my tennis-friend Lorraine's jewellery is soooooo much nicer than mine!"

I suggested to my friend that I might drop over to them, help his wife back her bags!!


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