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Coaching Videos & Tips - April 29 2021 No.702


Last week we talked about love - loving yourself... unconditionally. But who are we talking about? How many of you are there? And who's the real you? Time to get acquainted with yourself.

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Today's Quick Tip

Give yourself the space and time - at least 30mins - to sit and listen. I'd suggest you do this with your eyes wide open in a place where you can be engaged by what's before your very eyes... engaged but not involved.

Just notice what's going on, observe it. When you find your mind adding a thought or judgement to what's going on, take a deep breath and let the thought pass.

30mins or more of me time is not a luxury - it's a necessity.

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How many masks have you got? No, this has nothing to do with Covid. If it were it would be quite easy - we can discard a used mask any time of our choosing! Not so easy (perhaps) when we're talking about the mask that hides everyone from you... everyone, including you.

A mask is fashioned for us - from a ragbag of apparently (to others) insignificant childhood events. And, then, if we don't particularly like our mask, well, the easiest thing in the world to do is create another mask or two to hide that one. The process is known as self-socialisation... conforming, fitting in or behving according to agreed norms.

Now, before we go any further, do you really want to conform to the norms agreed by crazy people who neither know nor understand that they created these norms in the first place and not commit to them automatically, mindlessly?

More to the point, why would you paint over the paint that painted over the cracks when, in reality, there are no cracks?

No, I'm not speaking in riddles or talking in tongues. The normal mind uses the personality to paper over the perceived cracks or weaknesses in what the personality created in the first place... circular madness.

There is one simple solution to all this. Come to your senses - you have five of them, use them - that's what today's Quick Tip is all about.

It's pouring rain outside as I write this... a Biblical downpour. Cue my neighbour (you might remember him from a previous video... the manic strimmer) - it's time for him to cut the grass. And this is after seven straight days of beautiful dry weather!

Puts my in mind of Madame Crucifix (real name!!) who lived in our apartment building where we holidayed before we moved to France. Four weeks of beautiful, dry, sunny, warm weather... followed by a night of the kind of spectacular thunderstorms that really only the high mountains can host.

This was the night that Madame Crucifix chose to wear a light on her forehead... to paint the balcony rails!


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