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Coaching Videos & Tips - April 22 2021 No.701


Last week we talked about how deserving you might be (different from what you think about it!!!) - this week I'm going two steps further. And we all need to take these two steps: the first one might be a little tentative, the second needs to be unconditional.




Today's Quick Tip

The motto for today is Credit Where Credit Is Due.

Reflect on where you are now, head-wise, compared to where you were before you knew, at the very least, that you could take control of your mind. Reflect on how bad a "$X#@!*^%" you might otherwise be... that's a direct (sanitized) quote from a client.

Cut yourself a little slack. You're on a journey. And, as with all journeys, you'll only move forward if you put your best foot forward today.

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We're often awfully hard on ourselves. For starters, if we let our thinking minds run riot, we might as well have put a blindfolded drunk at the wheel of the car of our life... no wonder some people's lives are a car crash!!

When we're asleep at the wheel, we're a danger to all concerned, starting with ourselves. We are, as so many people have said to me, "my own worst enemy". And, as I said, that's just for starters!

We then go on to evaluate just how awful today's car crash was. We feel bad about it, we get annoyed with ourselves, we feel guilty, end up having a bad night's sleep and... really get ourselves ready to put our best foot forward tomorrow!!!!!

We need to go a little easy on ourselves. I regularly get emails from people telling me that they are a work-in-progress. We're all a work in progress and we'll always be a work-in-progress. That means that each time we trip and fall, each time we trip ourselves up, we need to pick ourselves off and dust ourselves off and start, not all over again, but pick up from where we left off. And, in doing so, we need to reflect on how far we've already travelled.

Let's all take a little comfort from one of the most important facts of all... by virtue of the fact that you're reading this, you've already taken at least one - and probably many - of the most important steps in your life: to manage and control how you turn up to your own life... here and now.

My father always said that, all too often, people you help on the way up end up suffering from amnesia - that, somehow, people don't like you rememberig where they came from!!

And something that occurred here last week put me in mind of a good friend who provided support and assistance to an acqaintance who was setting up his own business. A couple of years afterwards, my friend and his wife sat in their front room, enjoying a quiet dinner, marvelling at the fact that a number of their friends and acquaintances were parking their cars just out front... on their way to the 40th birthday party that the now successful businessman was throwing for his wife.

It isn't that my friend wanted any thanks - that's not why you do a good turn - it's just that he couldn't understand what was going on. He understood when it dawned on him that he was a spectator at the sport played by Normal Crazy People.


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