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Coaching Videos & Tips - April 8 2021 No.699


If we perceive and achieve what we expect to perceive and achieve (and there's no if about it!) - we had better get ouor expectations right - true? What type of fool would leave it to their normal mind - the result of which would be that they end up living down to their expectations>




Today's Quick Tip

Stop now and consider what you would most like to expect to happen for the rest of the day.

Ideally, this is something that should occur to you early each morning but, assuming your day didn't kick off that way, do it now.

And, for now, simply let your imagination run a little riot. You might even indulge in a little daydreaming. It is your imaginative mind that informs you with the kind of insights and Aha-Moments that enable us put our best foot forward in each here and now.

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It might seem ever-so-slightly to mention daydreaming in today's Quick Tip and, yet, this is the state of mind in which we can be both at our most creative and inspired. It is a state of mind that should be cultivated - but within certain bounds. In other words, like everything else we are working to achieve mentally, a little disipline is required.

We should cultivate our ability to daydream, well, daily!! We should emancipate our imagination from the constraints placed upon it by a thinking mind that, for starters, would even ascribe the word "fanciful" to the whole entreprise.

We should allow our flights of imagination free rein but no so as they impinge on our presence of mind.

In other words, just like you should set time aside for meditation, mini-meditation and mindful practices (like going for a walk to go for a walk), so should you allow time to be set aside for a little flight or two of imagination.

Don't let your mind "run riot" when you're supposed to be doing something else. But do let your mind run free when the opportunities present themselves. We'll talk more about this in the coming weeks but, remember, one of the attributes of Flow is spontaneity!



Today we have the 699th "edition" in an unbroken line back to December 15th 2008. And that means that, next Thursday, we're going to celebrate No. 700... or, at least, I'll be celebrating!!

So, what to do to mark the occasion? Well, for starters, I'm going to give away a few bits and peices next week - keep an eye on your inbox because, first on the list will be a downloable PDF of my 2011 bestseller, Normal Crazy People (I'm sure it was a bestseller somewhere!!)

And, seeing as we're all in this together... can you let me know what ideas you might have for a couple of other little giveaways. Yes, I'm asking you!


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