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Coaching Videos & Tips - April 1 2021 No.698


There's just one silver bullet but you need to shoot yourself everyday! Yes, let's keep it simple - meditation is a cure-all because all things good, bad and indifferent start in the mind. Don't be indifferent about your state of mind.

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Today's Quick Tip

We have a long weekend ahead - a weekend where, like many, you might be tempted to bemoan your inability to do some of the things you might prefer to do. But don't be like the many - don't dwell on the lockdown or perceived restrictions to our personal freedoms.

The few - abnormal people - know that personal freedom is something that's found between your two ears. So make sure you properly exercise what's between your two ears over the coming days.

I don't mean that you should spend your weekend meditating... I mean that, given that we will all have more time than usual on our hands, you enjoy and savour each moment, slow down, "smell the roses", marvel at the little things in life, appreciate yourself and appreciate the present moment.

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As human beings, we're awfully good at complicating the simple. Some make a profession, a career and a good income out of it: lawyers, accountants, electricians, roofers - you name it, if something is simple you can't charge as much for it!

I'm constantly being asked "how can I manage a difficult person?"; "how do I cope with my anxiety?"; "what steps should I take to prepare for this (meeting, presentation, interview, difficult discussion, etc. etc. etc.)?"; "how can I move forward in my life?" - the list is literally endless and, no doubt, you could, even at that, add to it.

And my answer is always the same: meditate. There is simply one solution to all life's challenges - turning up to the here and now and meeting them head on in a clear state of mind. Just like thinking is the root of all evil, not thinking - being - is the root of all good things.

There's a mountain of complex science - from the various strands of psychology and neuroscience to the heady insights of quantum physics - underlying the simplicity of this: turning up to now changes everything, enables everything, releases the flow of all good things.

I cannot make it any more complicated. Nor will I.

OK - it's April 1st - this story's perfect: the 60yrs old who reminisces about growing up in the shadow of the cloud of ash emitted from the ovens at Auschwitz. She Scottish born and bred.

Her Facebook posts boast of her chalet on the ski slopes in one of Europe's most expensive resorts (she lives in a small apartment in an entirely different country); who studied mathematics at a leading Scandinavian University (she left school at second-level); whose children were, in her mind, destined to be (hold on to your hat, this is quite a long list): top 10 tennis players, Olympic skiing gold medalists, stand-up comedians, rockstars, advisers to Barack Obama and world-leading DJs... their potential varied according to which day (or sometimes time of day) you talked to her.

Everyone makes up stories about themselves - I'm sure you do too - and believes them. Some people, however, are just a little more normal than others!


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