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Coaching Videos & Tips - March 18 2021 No.696


Seriously, what's the point of getting out of bed if you're not enjoying yourself... and it is something you do yourself, to yourself, for yourself. Oooh - and if you want to enjoy yourself on the go... download the audio of today's video.




Today's Quick Tip

If you've watched today's Video, you've probably guessed today's Quick Tip. Do it and do it now... enjoy yourself, have fun. Enjoy the moment, regardless of what the moment is - it's a choice that you can make.

If you've a mug of coffee in your hand - sip it just as you'd savour a coffee in your most favourite place in the world. If you're just finishing a task, regardless of what the task is, celebrate the moment - you dserve it.

And, if you just happen to be taking a breather... take a nice long deep one and enjoy your connection with the universe in the moment.


And there are lots of other ways you can enjoy a few minutes...

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I say in today's Quick Tip that you can make a choice to enjoy yourself. In fact, you're the only one who can. And it's not just a choice you can make, it's a choice you must make. Enjoying yourself is not a luxury, it's a necessity. You need to live your life to the full, right here, right now. If you're not, when were you planning to start?!?

And, if you're not enjoying yourself, would you please, please stay in bed or, at the very least, get out of the way of those of us who are having a ball. If you're not enjoying yourself right now, you're dragging everyone else down (how often have we talked about energy vampires?) and I, for one, don't want to be dragged down to the lowest common (normal!) denominator! I just won't have it!

Nor should you put up with anything short of having a good time right now... starting, as we've already said, with yourself.

But what if you've to do something today that you'd prefer not to have to do? Prefer otherwise! What if you're stuck with one of those energy vampires? Move on. Life is overflowing with choice - moment-to-moment we've to chose whether to live or simply survive. I choose life.

So, enjoy yourself. You're the only one who can. Do it do yourself right now - commit to living your life to the full... even if it's only for this moment. Because, and we all must remember this fundamental truth, this is the only moment.


If you're a regular reader or viewer, if you've tuned in on Facebook Live or YouTube, you'll know that I'm always encouraging people to meditate... it is the only scientifically validated way we have to turn ourselves on, to turn up to our lives.

And, yet, my weekly haul of messages is largely from people (not clients!) who don't meditate and, then, complain that nothing's shifting in their lives.

Excuses vary from not having the time (that would be, say, 7mins to make the other 23hrs 53mins so much more effortless) or that their mind is racing. Isn't that the point of meditation - to slow down a racing mind.

Others think that they just can't meditate, full stop. Let's quote Jon Kabat-Zinn on this one: "If you can breathe, you can meditate"!


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