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Coaching Videos & Tips - March 11 2021 No.695


Everything comes from being present. Success, happiness, joy, peace of mind... all good things. Presence isn't really an option after all, is it? And, don't forget, you can also download the audio of today's video.




Today's Quick Tip

Yes indeed... presence is not an option - certainly if you want to actually live your life rather than struggle through it, waist deep in your own thoughts.

So, today, pick moments when you're just going to be present - pure and simple. They don't need to be long moments... 30secs before a 'phone call, a stir of your coffee and a smell of the deep aroma, a minute with your eyes closed and a few deep breaths... even just sitting, in the middle of a meeting, with your palms facing up... noticing what you feel.

If there is any aspect of your life that you would like to enhance, it all starts with presence of mind. I have clients who have changed their careers or got their "dream job" (their words, not mine); set up a new business or put their existing business on a completely new footing; cured their physical ailments or lost weight... all down to their developing their own presence of mind.

The mind-body connection is not a "connection" in the normal sense of the word... mind and body are one - they don't need to be connected. What we do need to do is connect to our own mind beyond the thoughts that impede the flow of energy through the mind and body. Unless our minds are completely at ease, our bodies will suffer dis-ease.

But the flow of energy doesn't stop at the apparent extremes of our physical body - that's how, when our energy is flowing freely, we make the outer-world connections that move us forward. When our energy is flowing freely, we attract what we need into our life for one really simple reason... a person whose energy is free-flowing is attractive.

For multiple reasons, presence of mind is not an option, not a nice to have. It is an absolute necessity, first of all, to look after your own wellbeing - after all, you are the most important person in your life. And, once you've got that straight, your clear and focused mind will enable you - and this is the key point - begin to fully understand the kind of life you'd really, really, really love to experience.

So, what have you done today to be all present and correct?



And I've lots of other ideas that can help you in developing your presence...

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