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Coaching Videos & Tips - March 4 2021 No.694


Building anything requires a structured approach... indeed the words building and structure are synonymous! Building the life you want requires the same structured approach. Today's video explores.




Today's Quick Tip

Use the structure provided by your day today to further work on developing your presence of mind.

If you've to pick up the kids from school (if they're actually at school at the moment!) get there 5mins early. If you've a Zoom, be ready five minutes early.

Use the space you create in those five minuteses to clear your mind, get in touch with reality, experience the moment.

And I've lots of other ideas that can help you in structuring your approach to freeing your mind...

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You might think that my emphasis on structure today is counterintuitive - especially when, ultimately, we're talking about living a life in flow. Sounds like I'm suggesting that you regiment yourself when, in fact, it is in the pursuit of self-liberation.

The building blocks of your life come in the minute detail of your everyday experience - just as the building blocks of you come in quanta of energy. It is these building blocks that we need to play with to ensure that we don't just enter into a complete experience of the moment now and again but, instead, that we experience this flow again and again!

And we need to keep pushing ourselves - pushing the outer boundaries that, in reality, are actually not there. We need to keep challenging ourselves to go gently beyond where we have already traveled. If we don't, we can become becalmed, even stale or, worse - happy to just be happy.

As far as we know, this is neither a dress rehearsal nor one of a number of shots that we have at this life of our's. We have to keep moving forward because there is so much more to be discovered.


We talked about power last week... and how the power to demand someone have a ticket to do their shopping can go to someone's head. But spare a thought for those who have had what they perceived as real power taken from them.

I'm reflecting on an old acquaintance whose life revolved around his CEO title, his CEO corner office, his CEO reserved parking space and his resulting standing in his golf club.

I happened to be running a workshop (in the days when you could do these things face-to-face) in that very golf clib when I spied a little man sitting in the corner of the members' bar, starting into space. Turns out when the trappings of CEOdom were removed, the individual in question had no idea who or why he was.

And, unlike some of our Normal Crazy People stories, this is not one at which I can have a chuckle.


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