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Coaching Videos & Tips - February 25 2021 No.693


When I first mention the need for discipline to my clients, they assume that I'm talking about being hard ot themselves or, at best, being cruel to be kind. But that is, in fact, never what I'm talking about... Don't forget, you can also listen to the audio of today's video!!




Today's Quick Tip

Spend a little time today - at various points throughout the day - making deliberate choices: choose to sip instead of gulp; to chew instead of swallow whole; listen instead of speak; pause instead of rush right in; reflect instead of assume; be instead of think.

Our daily life is filled with multiple choices - and, the moment we fail to choose to be mindful, we trip right over the very rock on which we might perish!

And here's a load of more choices - resources at your fingertips to enhance your mindfulness in the moment:

And here are loads of other ways in which you can perfect your ability to touch reality...

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I've talked about most people "doing their best" in today's Normal Crazy People story - a euphamism widely used as an excuse by the self-same normal crazies!

Any time I ever talk about putting one's best foot forward, that is not what I'm talking about - not at all. I'm talking about making the kind of choices that I've suggested in today's Quick Tip - obviously you can come up with your own menu from which to choose.

And making these choices is oh so important - if you don't choose to be mindful and present in this present moment, you have, by definition, absented yourself from your own life. No use crying if something mindless happens.

There is, of course, one choice that we must all make each morning - I'm not being precriptive, I'm just stating a fact born out by lots and lots of science... we need to meditate each morning. This is no excuse for not meditating every single day - is discipline required? Yes and no... it's just a choice we make. It's not even a choice - you don't get up in the morning and choose I'm not going to wash today - it's something you just do.

Meditation is as important in your life as breathing. And, if you think you're no good at it, let me quote Jon Kabat-Zinn at you... if you can breathe, you can meditate.


I know everyone (or most everyone) is trying their best at the moment but what about a local greengrocers from which my good wife has just returned...

They've implemented a new queuing system to get into the shop - akin to a tunnel - that's so cramped it must have been designed as an experiment in virus spreading.

At the head of the queue a member of staff hands you a paper ticket (the idea is that they can count the number of customers in the shop at any one time) which they and all the other customers who were there for the last number of weeks have handled... the shop has a bit of a green vibe about it... they're into recycling the virus too.

There are no notices as to how this works so, if the staff member at the top of the queue isn't there, you can just walk in. And that is exactly what Lisa did yesterday.

On getting to the check out she was screamed at for not having a ticket. She wasn't singled out, there was a lot of screaming going on because nobody had a ticket! Perhaps the staff should have directed their screams at their colleague who, instead of heading up the queue, was puffing a cigarette outside!


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